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Who were the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the other cities.

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111And the princes of the people dwelt at Jerusalem: but the rest of the people cast lots, to take one part in ten to dwell in Jerusalem the holy city, and nine parts in the other cities.habitaverunt autem principes populi in Hierusalem reliqua vero plebs misit sortem ut tollerent unam partem de decem qui habitaturi essent in Hierusalem in civitate sancta novem vero partes in civitatibus
112And the people blessed all the men that willingly offered themselves to dwell in Jerusalem.benedixit autem populus omnibus viris qui se sponte obtulerunt ut habitarent in Hierusalem
113These therefore are the chief men of the province, who dwelt in Jerusalem, and in the cities of Juda. And every one dwelt in his possession, in their cities: Israel, the priests, the Levites, the Nathinites, and the children of the servants of Solomon.hii sunt itaque principes provinciae qui habitaverunt in Hierusalem et in civitatibus Iuda habitavit unusquisque in possessione sua in urbibus suis Israhel sacerdotes Levitae Nathinnei et filii servorum Salomonis
114And in Jerusalem there dwelt some of the children of Juda, and some of the children of Benjamin: of the children of Juda, Athaias the son of Aziam, the son of Zacharias, the son of Amarias, the son of Saphatias, the son of Malaleel: of the sons of Phares,et in Hierusalem habitaverunt de filiis Iuda et de filiis Beniamin de filiis Iuda Athaias filius Aziam filii Zacchariae filii Amariae filii Saphatia filii Malelehel de filiis Phares
115Maasia the son of Baruch, the son of Cholhoza, the son of Hazia, the son of Adaia, the son of Joiarib, the son of Zacharias, the son of the Silonite:Imaasia filius Baruch filius Coloza filius Azia filius Adaia filius Ioiarib filius Zacchariae filius Silonites
116All these the sons of Phares, who dwelt in Jerusalem, were four hundred sixty-eight valiant men.omnes filii Phares qui habitaverunt in Hierusalem quadringenti sexaginta octo viri fortes
117And these are the children of Benjamin: Sellum the son of Mosollam, the son of Joed, the son of Phadaia, the son of Colaia, the son of Masia, the son of Etheel, the son of Isaia.hii sunt autem filii Beniamin Sellum filius Mosollam filius Ioed filius Phadaia filius Colaia filius Masia filius Ethehel filius Isaia
118And after him Gebbai, Sellai, nine hundred twenty-eight.et post eum Gabbai Sellai nongenti viginti octo
119And Joel the son of Zechri their ruler, and Judas the son of Senua was second over the city.et Iohel filius Zechri praepositus eorum et Iuda filius Sennua super civitatem secundus
1110And of the priests Idaia the son of Joarib, Jachin,et de sacerdotibus Idaia filius Ioarib Iachin
1111Saraia the son of Helcias, the son of Mosollam, the son of Sadoc, the son of Meraioth, the son of Achitob the prince of the house of God,Saraia filius Elcia filius Mesollam filius Sadoc filius Meraioth filius Ahitub princeps domus Dei
1112And their brethren that do the works of the temple: eight hundred twenty-two. And Adaia the son of Jeroham, the son of Phelelia, the son of Amsi, the son of Zacharias, the son of Pheshur, the son of Melchias,et fratres eorum facientes opera templi octingenti viginti duo et Adaia filius Ieroam filius Felelia filius Amsi filius Zacchariae filius Phessur filius Melchiae
1113And his brethren the chiefs of the fathers: two hundred forty-two. And Amassai the son of Azreel, the son of Ahazi, the son of Mosollamoth, the son of Emmer,et fratres eius principes patrum ducenti quadraginta duo et Amassai filius Azrihel filius Aazi filius Mosollamoth filius Emmer
1114And their brethren who were very mighty, a hundred twenty-eight: and their ruler Zabdiel son of the mighty.et fratres eorum potentes nimis centum viginti octo et praepositus eorum Zabdihel filius potentium
1115And of the Levites Semeia the son of Hasub, the son of Azaricam, the son of Hasabia, the son of Boni,et de Levitis Sebenia filius Asob filius Azaricam filius Asabia filius Boni
1116And Sabathai and Jozabed, who were over all the outward business of the house of God, of the princes of the Levites,et Sabathai et Iozabed super opera quae erant forinsecus in domo Dei a principibus Levitarum
1117And Mathania the son of Micha, the son of Zebedei, the son of Asaph, was the principal man to praise, and to give glory in prayer, and Becbecia, the second, one of his brethren, and Abda the son of Samua, the son of Galal, the son of Idithun.et Mathania filius Micha filius Zebdaei filius Asaph princeps ad laudandum et confitendum in oratione et Becbecia secundus de fratribus eius et Abda filius Sammua filius Galal filius Idithun
1118All the Levites in the holy city were two hundred eighty-four.omnes Levitae in civitate sancta ducenti octoginta quattuor
1119And the porters, Accub, Telmon, and their brethren, who kept the doors: a hundred seventy-two.et ianitores Accob Telmon et fratres eorum qui custodiebant ostia centum septuaginta duo
1120And the rest of Israel, the priests and the Levites were in all the cities of Juda, every man in his possession.et reliqui ex Israhel sacerdotes et Levitae in universis civitatibus Iuda unusquisque in possessione sua
1121And the Nathinites, that dwelt in Ophel, and Siaha, and Gaspha of the Nathinites.et Nathinnei qui habitabant in Ofel et Siaha et Gaspha de Nathinneis
1122And the overseer of the Levites in Jerusalem, was Azzi the son of Bani, the son of Hasabia, the son of Mathania, the son of Micha. Of the sons of Asaph, were the singing men in the ministry of the house of God.et episcopus Levitarum in Hierusalem Azzi filius Bani filius Asabiae filius Matthaniae filius Michae de filiis Asaph cantores in ministerio domus Dei
1123For the king's commandment was concerning them, and an order among the singing men day by day.praeceptum quippe regis super eos erat et ordo in cantoribus per dies singulos
1124And Phathahia the son of Mesezebel of the children of Zara the son of Juda was at the hand of the king, in all matters concerning the people,et Fataia filius Mesezebel de filiis Zera filii Iuda in manu regis iuxta omne verbum populi
1125And in the houses through all their countries. Of the children of Juda some dwelt at Cariath-Arbe, and in the villages thereof: and at Dibon, and in the villages thereof: and at Cabseel, and in the villages thereof.et in domibus per omnes regiones eorum de filiis Iuda habitaverunt in Cariatharbe et in filiabus eius et in Dibon et in filiabus eius et in Capsel et in viculis eius
1126And at Jesue, and at Molada, and at Bethphaleth,et in Iesue et in Molada et in Bethfaleth
1127And at Hasersuel, and at Bersabee, and in the villages thereof,et in Asersual et in Bersabee et in filiabus eius
1128And at Siceleg, and at Mochona, and in the villages thereof,et in Siceleg et in Mochona et in filiabus eius
1129And at Remmon, and at Saraa, and at Jerimuth,et in Ainremmon et in Sara et in Irimuth
1130Zanoa, Odollam, and in their villages, at Lachis and its dependencies, and at Azeca and the villages thereof. And they dwelt from Bersabee unto the valley of Ennom.Zanoa Odollam et villis earum Lachis et regionibus eius Azeca et filiabus eius et manserunt in Bersabee usque ad vallem Ennom
1131And the children of Benjamin, from Geba, at Mechmas, and at Hai, and at Bethel, and in the villages thereof,filii autem Beniamin a Geba Mechmas et Aia et Bethel et filiabus eius
1132At Anathoth, Nob, Anania,Anathoth Nob Anania
1133Asor, Rama, Gethaim,Asor Rama Getthaim
1134Hadid, Seboim, and Neballat, Lod,Adid Seboim Neballa Loth
1135And Ono the valley of craftsmen.et Ono valle Artificum
1136And of the Levites were portions of Juda and Benjamin.et de Levitis partitiones Iuda et Beniamin
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13



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