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Surveyors are sent to divide the rest of the land into seven tribes. The lot of Benjamin.

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181And all the children of Israel assembled together in Silo, and there they set up the tabernacle of the testimony, and the land was subdued before them.congregatique sunt omnes filii Israhel in Silo ibique fixerunt tabernaculum testimonii et fuit eis terra subiecta
182But there remained seven tribes of the children of Israel, which as yet had not received their possessions.remanserant autem filiorum Israhel septem tribus quae necdum acceperant possessiones suas
183And Josue said to them: How long are you indolent and slack, and go not in to possess the land which the Lord the God of your fathers hath given you?ad quos Iosue ait usquequo marcetis ignavia et non intratis ad possidendam terram quam Dominus Deus patrum vestrorum dedit vobis
184Choose of every tribe three men, that I may send them, and they may go and compass the land, and mark it out according to the number of each multitude: and bring back to me what they have marked out.eligite de singulis tribubus ternos viros ut mittam eos et pergant atque circumeant terram et describant eam iuxta numerum uniuscuiusque multitudinis referantque ad me quod descripserint
185Divide to yourselves the land into seven parts: let Juda be in his bounds on the south side, and the house of Joseph on the north.dividite vobis terram in septem partes Iudas sit in terminis suis ab australi plaga et domus Ioseph ab aquilone
186The land in the midst between these mark ye out into seven parts; and you shall come hither to me, that I may cast lots for you before the Lord your God.mediam inter hos terram in septem partes describite et huc venietis ad me ut coram Domino Deo vestro mittam vobis hic sortem
187For the Levites have no part among you, but the priesthood of the Lord is their inheritance. And Gad and Ruben, and the half tribe of Manasses have already received their possessions beyond the Jordan eastward: which Moses the servant of the Lord gave them.quia non est inter vos pars Levitarum sed sacerdotium Domini est eorum hereditas Gad autem et Ruben et dimidia tribus Manasse iam acceperant possessiones suas trans Iordanem ad orientalem plagam quas dedit eis Moses famulus Domini
188And when the men were risen up, to go to mark out the land, Josue commanded them saying: Go round the land and mark it out, and return to me: that I may cast lots for you before the Lord in Silo.cumque surrexissent viri ut pergerent ad describendam terram praecepit eis Iosue dicens circuite terram et describite eam ac revertimini ad me ut hic coram Domino Deo in Silo mittam vobis sortem
189So they went and surveying it divided it into seven parts, writing them down in a book. And they returned to Josue, to the camp in Silo.itaque perrexerunt et lustrantes eam in septem partes diviserunt scribentes in volumine reversique sunt ad Iosue in castra Silo
1810And he cast lots before the Lord in Silo, and divided the land to the children of Israel into seven parts.qui misit sortes coram Domino in Silo divisitque terram filiis Israhel in septem partes
1811And first came up the lot of the children of Benjamin by their families, to possess the land between the children of Juda, and the children of Joseph.et ascendit sors prima filiorum Beniamin per familias suas ut possiderent terram inter filios Iuda et filios Ioseph
1812And their border northward was from the Jordan: going along by the side of Jericho on the north side, and thence going up westward to the mountains, and reaching to the wilderness of Bethaven,fuitque terminus eorum contra aquilonem ab Iordane pergens iuxta latus Hiericho septentrionalis plagae et inde contra occidentem ad montana conscendens et perveniens in solitudinem Bethaven
1813And passing along southward by Luza, the same is Bethel, and it goeth down into Ataroth-addar to the mountain, that is on the south of the nether Beth-horon.atque pertransiens iuxta Luzam ad meridiem ipsa est Bethel descenditque in Atharothaddar in montem qui est ad meridiem Bethoron inferioris
1814And it bendeth thence going round towards the sea, south of the mountain that looketh towards Beth-horon to the southwest: and the outgoings thereof are into Cariathbaal, which is called also Cariathiarim, a city of the children of Juda This is their coast towards the sea, westward.et inclinatur circumiens contra mare a meridie montis qui respicit Bethoron contra africum suntque exitus eius in Cariathbaal quae vocatur et Cariathiarim urbem filiorum Iuda haec est plaga contra mare et occidentem
1815But on the south side the border goeth out from part of Cariathiarim towards the sea, and cometh to the fountain of the waters of Nephtoa.a meridie autem ex parte Cariathiarim egreditur terminus contra mare et pervenit usque ad fontem aquarum Nepthoa
1816And it goeth down to that part of the mountain that looketh on the valley of the children of Ennom: and is over against the north quarter in the furthermost part of the valley of Raphaim, and it goeth down into Geennom (that is the valley of Ennom) by the side of the Jebusite to the south: and cometh to the fountain of Rogel,descenditque in partem montis qui respicit vallem filiorum Ennom et est contra septentrionalem plagam in extrema parte vallis Rafaim descenditque Gehennom id est vallis Ennom iuxta latus Iebusei ad austrum et pervenit ad fontem Rogel
1817Passing thence to the north, and going out to Ensemes, that is to say, the fountain of the sun:transiens ad aquilonem et egrediens ad Aensemes id est fontem Solis
1818And It passeth along to the hills that are over against the ascent of Adommim: and it goeth down to Abenboen, that is, the stone of Boen the son of Ruben: and it passeth on the north side to the champaign countries; and goeth down Into the plain,et pertransit usque ad tumulos qui sunt e regione ascensus Adommim descenditque ad Abenboen id est lapidem Boen filii Ruben et pertransit ex latere aquilonis ad campestria descenditque in planitiem
1819And it passeth by Bethhagla northward: and the outgoings thereof are towards the north of the most salt sea at the south end of the Jordan.et praetergreditur contra aquilonem Bethagla suntque exitus eius contra linguam maris Salsissimi ab aquilone in fine Iordanis ad australem plagam
1820Which is the border of it on the east side. This is the possession of the children of Benjamin by their borders round about, and their families.qui est terminus illius ab oriente haec est possessio filiorum Beniamin per terminos suos in circuitu et familias singulas
1821And their cities were, Jericho and Bethhagla and Vale-Casis,fueruntque civitates eius Hiericho et Bethagla et vallis Casis
1822Betharaba and Samaraim and Bethel,Betharaba et Semaraim et Bethel
1823And Avim and Aphara and Ophera,Avim et Affara et Ofra
1824The town Emona and Ophni and Gabee: twelve cities, and their villages.villa Emona et Ofni et Gabee civitates duodecim et villae earum
1825Gabam and Rama and Beroth,Gabaon et Rama et Beroth
1826And Mesphe, and Caphara, and Amosa,et Mesfe Cafera et Ammosa
1827And Recem, Jarephel, and Tharela,et Recem Iarafel et Tharala
1828And Sela, Eleph and Jebus, which is Jerusalem, Gabaath and Cariath: fourteen cities, and their villages. This is the possession of the children of Benjamin by their families.et Sela Eleph et Iebus quae est Hierusalem Gabaath et Cariath civitates quattuordecim et villae earum haec est possessio filiorum Beniamin iuxta familias suas
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