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Ruth gleaneth in the field of Booz, who sheweth her favour.

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21Now her husband Elimelech had a kinsman, a powerful man, and very rich, whose name was Booz.erat autem vir Helimelech consanguineus homo potens et magnarum opum nomine Booz
22And Ruth, the Moabitess, said to her mother in law: If thou wilt, I will go into the field, and glean the ears of corn that escape the hands of the reapers, wheresoever I shall find grace with a householder, that will be favourable to me. And she answered her: Go, my daughter.dixitque Ruth Moabitis ad socrum suam si iubes vadam in agrum et colligam spicas quae metentium fugerint manus ubicumque clementis in me patris familias repperero gratiam cui illa respondit vade filia mi
23She went, therefore, and gleaned the ears of corn after the reapers. And it happened that the owner of that field was Booz, who was of the kindred of Elimelech.abiit itaque et colligebat spicas post terga metentium accidit autem ut ager ille haberet dominum Booz qui erat de cognatione Helimelech
24And behold, he came out of Bethlehem, and said to the reapers: The Lord be with you. And they answered him: The Lord bless thee.et ecce ipse veniebat de Bethleem dixitque messoribus Dominus vobiscum qui responderunt ei benedicat tibi Dominus
25And Booz said to the young man that was set over the reapers: Whose maid is this ?dixitque Booz iuveni qui messoribus praeerat cuius est haec puella
26And he answered him: This is the Moabitess, who came with Noemi, from the land of Moab,qui respondit haec est Moabitis quae venit cum Noemi de regione moabitide
27And she desired leave to glean the ears of corn that remain, following the steps of the reapers: and she hath been in the field from morning till now, and hath not gone home for one moment.et rogavit ut spicas colligeret remanentes sequens messorum vestigia et de mane usque nunc stat in agro et ne ad momentum quidem domum reversa est
28And Booz said to Ruth: Hear me, daughter, do not go to glean in any other field, and do not depart from this place: but keep with my maids,et ait Booz ad Ruth audi filia ne vadas ad colligendum in alterum agrum nec recedas ab hoc loco sed iungere puellis meis
29And follow where they reap. For I have charged my young men, not to molest thee: and if thou art thirsty, go to the vessels, and drink of the waters whereof the servants drink.et ubi messuerint sequere mandavi enim pueris meis ut nemo tibi molestus sit sed etiam si sitieris vade ad sarcinulas et bibe aquas de quibus et pueri bibunt
210She fell on her face, and worshipping upon the ground, said to him: Whence cometh this to me, that I should find grace before thy eyes, and that thou shouldst vouchsafe to take notice of me, a woman of another country?quae cadens in faciem suam et adorans super terram dixit ad eum unde mihi hoc ut invenirem gratiam ante oculos tuos et nosse me dignareris peregrinam mulierem
211And he answered her: All hath been told me, that thou hast done to thy mother in law after the death of thy husband: and how thou hast left thy parents, and the land wherein thou wast born, and art come to a people which thou knewest not heretofore.cui ille respondit nuntiata sunt mihi omnia quae feceris socrui tuae post mortem viri tui et quod dereliqueris parentes tuos et terram in qua nata es et veneris ad populum quem ante nesciebas
212The Lord render unto thee for thy work, and mayst thou receive a full reward of the Lord the God of Israel, to whom thou art come, and under whose wings thou art fled.reddat tibi Dominus pro opere tuo et plenam mercedem recipias a Domino Deo Israhel ad quem venisti et sub cuius confugisti alas
213And she said: I have found grace in thy eyes, my lord, who hast comforted me, and hast spoken to the heart of thy handmaid, who am not like to one of thy maids.quae ait inveni gratiam ante oculos tuos domine mi qui consolatus es me et locutus es ad cor ancillae tuae quae non sum similis unius puellarum tuarum
214And Booz said to her: At mealtime come thou hither, and eat of the bread, and dip thy morsel in the vinegar. So she sat at the side of the reapers, and she heaped to herself frumenty, and ate and was filled, and took the leavings.dixitque ad eam Booz quando hora vescendi fuerit veni huc et comede panem et intingue buccellam tuam in aceto sedit itaque ad messorum latus et congessit pulentam sibi comeditque et saturata est et tulit reliquias
215And she arose from thence, to glean the ears of corn as before. And Booz commanded his servants, saying: If she would even reap with you, hinder her not:atque inde surrexit ut spicas ex more colligeret praecepit autem Booz pueris suis dicens etiam si vobiscum metere voluerit ne prohibeatis eam
216And let fall some of your handfuls of purpose, and leave them, that she may gather them without shame, and let no man rebuke her when she gathereth them.et de vestris quoque manipulis proicite de industria et remanere permittite ut absque rubore colligat et colligentem nemo corripiat
217She gleaned therefore in the field till evening: and beating out with a rod, and threshing what she had gleaned, she found about the measure of an ephi of barley, that is, three bushels:collegit ergo in agro usque ad vesperam et quae collegerat virga caedens et excutiens invenit hordei quasi oephi mensuram id est tres modios
218Which she took up, and returned into the city, and shewed it to her mother in law: moreover, she brought out, and gave her of the remains of her meat, wherewith she had been filled.quos portans reversa est in civitatem et ostendit socrui suae insuper protulit et dedit ei de reliquiis cibi sui quo saturata fuerat
219And her mother in law said to her: Where hast thou gleaned today, and where hast thou wrought? blessed be he that hath had pity on thee. And she told her with whom she had wrought: and she told the man's name, that he was called Booz.dixitque ei socrus ubi hodie collegisti et ubi fecisti opus sit benedictus qui misertus est tui indicavitque ei apud quem esset operata et nomen dixit viri quod Booz vocaretur
220And Noemi answered her: Blessed be he of the Lord: because the same kindness which he shewed to the living, he hath kept also to the dead. And again she said: The man is our kinsman.cui respondit Noemi benedictus sit a Domino quoniam eandem gratiam quam praebuerat vivis servavit et mortuis rursumque propinquus ait noster est homo
221And Ruth said: He also charged me, that I should keep close to his reapers, till all the corn should be reaped.et Ruth hoc quoque inquit praecepit mihi ut tamdiu messoribus eius iungerer donec omnes segetes meterentur
222And her mother in law said to her: It is better for thee, my daughter, to go out to reap with his maids, lest in another man's field some one may resist thee.cui dixit socrus melius est filia mi ut cum puellis eius exeas ad metendum ne in alieno agro quispiam resistat tibi
223So she kept close to the maids of Booz: and continued to glean with them, till all the barley and the wheat were laid up in the barns.iuncta est itaque puellis Booz et tamdiu cum eis messuit donec hordea et triticum in horreis conderentur
chapters: 1 2 3 4



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