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Ezechias purifieth the temple, and restoreth religion.

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291Now Ezechias began to reign, when he was five and twenty years old, and he reigned nine and twenty years in Jerusalem: the name of his mother was Abia, the daughter of Zacharias.igitur Ezechias regnare coepit cum viginti quinque esset annorum et viginti novem annis regnavit in Hierusalem nomen matris eius Abia filia Zacchariae
292And he did that which was pleasing in the sight of the Lord, according to all that David his father had done.fecitque quod erat placitum in conspectu Domini iuxta omnia quae fecerat David pater eius
293In the first year and month of his reign he opened the doors of the house of the Lord, and repaired them.ipse anno et mense primo regni sui aperuit valvas domus Domini et instauravit eas
294And he brought the priests and the Levites, and assembled them in the east street.adduxitque sacerdotes atque Levitas et congregavit eos in plateam orientalem
295And he said to them: Hear me, ye Levites, and be sanctified, purify the house of the Lord the God of your fathers, and take away all filth out of the sanctuary.dixitque ad eos audite me Levitae et sanctificamini mundate domum Domini Dei patrum vestrorum auferte omnem inmunditiam de sanctuario
296Our fathers have sinned and done evil in the sight of the Lord God, forsaking him: they have turned away their faces from the tabernacle of the Lord, and turned their backs.peccaverunt patres nostri et fecerunt malum in conspectu Domini Dei nostri derelinquentes eum averterunt facies suas a tabernaculo Domini et praebuerunt dorsum
297They have shut up the doors that were in the porch, and put out the lamps, and have not burnt incense, nor offered holocausts in the sanctuary of the God of Israel.cluserunt ostia quae erant in porticu et extinxerunt lucernas incensumque non adoleverunt et holocausta non obtulerunt in sanctuario Deo Israhel
298Therefore the wrath of the Lord hath been stirred up against Juda and Jerusalem, and he hath delivered them to trouble, and to destruction, and to be hissed at, as you see with your eyes.concitatus est itaque furor Domini super Iudam et Hierusalem tradiditque eos in commotionem et in interitum et in sibilum sicut ipsi cernitis oculis vestris
299Behold, our fathers are fallen by the sword, our sons, and our daughters, and wives are led away captives for this wickedness.en corruerunt patres nostri gladiis filii nostri et filiae nostrae et coniuges captivae ductae sunt propter hoc scelus
2910Now therefore I have a mind that we make a covenant with the Lord the God of Israel, and he will turn away the wrath of his indignation from us.nunc igitur placet mihi ut ineamus foedus cum Domino Deo Israhel et avertat a nobis furorem irae suae
2911My sons, be not negligent: the Lord hath chosen you to stand before him, and to minister to him, and to worship him, and to burn incense to him.filii mi nolite neglegere vos elegit Dominus ut stetis coram eo et ministretis illi colatis eum et cremetis incensum
2912Then the Levites arose, Mahath the son of Amasai, and Joel the son of Azarias, of the sons of Caath: and of the sons of Merari, Cis the son of Abdi, and Azarias the son of Jalaleel. And of the sons of Gerson, Joah the son of Zemma, and Eden the son of Joah.surrexerunt ergo Levitae Maath filius Amasiae et Iohel filius Azariae de filiis Caath porro de filiis Merari Cis filius Abdai et Azarias filius Iallelel de filiis autem Gersom Ioha filius Zemma et Eden filius Ioaha
2913And of the sons of Elisaphan, Samri, and Jahiel. Also of the sons of Asaph, Zacharias, and Mathanias.at vero de filiis Elisaphan Samri et Iahihel de filiis quoque Asaph Zaccharias et Mathanias
2914And of the sons of Heman, Jahiel, and Semei: and of the sons of Idithun, Semeias, and Oziel.necnon de filiis Heman Iahihel et Semei sed et de filiis Idithun Semeias et Ozihel
2915And they gathered together their brethren, and sanctified themselves, and went in according to the commandment of the king, and the precept of the Lord, to purify the house of God.congregaveruntque fratres suos et sanctificati sunt et ingressi iuxta mandatum regis et imperium Domini ut expiarent domum Dei
2916And the priests went into the temple of the Lord to sanctify it, and brought out all the uncleanness that they found within to the entrance of the house of the Lord, and the Levites took it away, and carried it out abroad to the torrent Cedron.sacerdotes quoque ingressi templum Domini ut sanctificarent illud extulerunt omnem inmunditiam quam intro reppererant in vestibulum domus Domini quam tulerunt Levitae et asportaverunt ad torrentem Cedron foras
2917And they began to cleanse on the first day of the first month, and on the eighth day of the same month they came into the porch of the temple of the Lord, and they purified the temple in eight days, and on the sixteenth day of the same month they finished what they had begun.coeperunt autem prima die mensis primi mundare et in die octava eiusdem mensis ingressi sunt porticum templi Domini expiaveruntque templum diebus octo et in die sextadecima mensis eiusdem quod coeperant impleverunt
2918And they went in to king Ezechias, and said to him: We have sanctified all the house of the Lord, and the altar of holocaust, and the vessels thereof, and the table of proposition with all its vessels,ingressi quoque sunt ad Ezechiam regem et dixerunt ei sanctificavimus omnem domum Domini et altare holocaustoseos vasaque eius necnon et mensam propositionis cum omnibus vasis suis
2919And all the furniture of the temple, which king Achaz in his reign had defiled, after his transgression; and behold they are all set forth before the altar of the Lord.cunctamque templi supellectilem quam polluerat rex Achaz in regno suo postquam praevaricatus est et ecce exposita sunt omnia coram altari Domini
2920And king Ezechias rising early, assembled all the rulers of the city, and went up into the house of the Lord:consurgensque diluculo Ezechias rex adunavit omnes principes civitatis et ascendit domum Domini
2921And they offered together seven bullocks, and seven rams, and seven lambs, and seven he goats for sin, for the kingdom, for the sanctuary, for Juda: and he spoke to the priests the sons of Aaron, to offer them upon the altar of the Lord.obtuleruntque simul tauros septem arietes septem agnos septem et hircos septem pro peccato pro regno pro sanctuario pro Iuda dixit quoque sacerdotibus filiis Aaron ut offerrent super altare Domini
2922Therefore they killed the bullocks, and the priests took the blood, and poured it upon the altar; they killed also the rams, and their blood they poured also upon the altar, and they killed the lambs, and poured the blood upon the altar.mactaverunt igitur tauros et susceperunt sacerdotes sanguinem et fuderunt illud super altare mactaverunt etiam arietes et illorum sanguinem super altare fuderunt immolaverunt agnos et fuderunt super altare sanguinem
2923And they brought the he goats for sin before the king, and the whole multitude, and they laid their hand upon them:adplicaverunt hircos pro peccato coram rege et universa multitudine inposueruntque manus suas super eos
2924And the priests immolated them, and sprinkled their blood before the altar for an expiation of all Israel: for the king had commanded that the holocaust and the sin offering should be made for all Israel.et immolaverunt illos sacerdotes et asperserunt sanguinem eorum altari pro piaculo universi Israhelis pro omni quippe Israhel praeceperat rex ut holocaustum fieret et pro peccato
2925And he set the Levites in the house of the Lord with cymbals, and psalteries, and harps according to the regulation of David the king, and of Gad the seer, and of Nathan the prophet: for it was the commandment of the Lord by the hand of his prophets.constituit quoque Levitas in domo Domini cum cymbalis et psalteriis et citharis secundum dispositionem David et Gad videntis regis et Nathan prophetae siquidem Domini praeceptum fuit per manum prophetarum eius
2926And the Levites stood, with the instruments of David, and the priests with trumpets.steteruntque Levitae tenentes organa David et sacerdotes tubas
2927And Ezechias commanded that they should offer holocausts upon the altar: and when the holocausts were offered, they began to sing praises to the Lord, and to sound with trumpets, and divers instruments which David the king of Israel had prepared.et iussit Ezechias ut offerrent holocaustum super altare cumque offerrentur holocausta coeperunt laudes canere Domino et clangere tubis atque in diversis organis quae David rex Israhel reppererat concrepare
2928And all the multitude adored, and the singers, and the trumpeters, were in their office till the holocaust was finished.omni autem turba adorante cantores et hii qui tenebant tubas erant in officio suo donec conpleretur holocaustum
2929And when the oblation was ended, the king, and all that were with him bowed down and adored.cumque finita esset oblatio incurvatus est rex et omnes qui erant cum eo et adoraverunt
2930And Ezechias and the princes commanded the Levites to praise the Lord with the words of David, and Asaph the seer: and they praised him with great joy, and bowing the knee adored.praecepitque Ezechias et principes Levitis ut laudarent Dominum sermonibus David et Asaph videntis qui laudaverunt eum magna laetitia et curvato genu adoraverunt
2931And Ezechias added, and said: You have filled your hands to the Lord, come and offer victims, and praises in the house of the Lord. And all the multitude offered victims, and praises, and holocausts with a devout mind.Ezechias autem etiam haec addidit implestis manus vestras Domino accedite et offerte victimas et laudes in domo Domini obtulit ergo universa multitudo hostias et laudes et holocausta mente devota
2932And the number of the holocausts which the multitude offered, was seventy bullocks, a hundred rams, and two hundred lambs.porro numerus holocaustorum quae obtulit multitudo hic fuit tauros septuaginta arietes centum agnos ducentos
2933And they consecrated to the Lord six hundred oxen, and three thousand sheep.sanctificaveruntque Domino boves sescentos et oves tria milia
2934But the priests were few, and were not enough to flay the holocausts: wherefore the Levites their brethren helped them, till the work was ended, and priests were sanctified, for the Levites are sanctified with an easier rite than the priests.sacerdotes vero pauci erant nec poterant sufficere ut pelles holocaustorum detraherent unde et Levitae fratres eorum adiuverunt eos donec impleretur opus et sanctificarentur antistites Levitae quippe faciliori ritu sanctificantur quam sacerdotes
2935So there were many holocausts, and the fat of peace offerings, and the libations of holocausts: and the service of the house of the Lord was completed.fuerunt igitur holocausta plurima adipes pacificorum et libamina holocaustorum et conpletus est cultus domus Domini
2936And Ezechias, and all the people rejoiced because the ministry of the Lord was accomplished. For the resolution of doing this thing was taken suddenly.laetatusque est Ezechias et omnis populus eo quod ministerium Domini esset expletum de repente quippe hoc fieri placuerat
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