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The number of them that returned to Judea: their oblations.

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21Now these are the children of the province, that went out of the captivity, which Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon had carried away to Babylon, and who returned to Jerusalem and Juda, every man to his city.hii sunt autem filii provinciae qui ascenderunt de captivitate quam transtulerat Nabuchodonosor rex Babylonis in Babylonem et reversi sunt in Hierusalem et Iudam unusquisque in civitatem suam
22Who came with Zorobabel, Josue, Nehemia, Saraia, Rahelaia, Mardochai, Belsan, Mesphar, Beguai, Rehum, Baana. The number of the men of the people of Israel:qui venerunt cum Zorobabel Hiesua Neemia Saraia Rahelaia Mardochai Belsan Mesphar Beguai Reum Baana numerus virorum populi Israhel
23The children of Pharos two thousand one hundred seventy-two.filii Pharos duo milia centum septuaginta duo
24The children of Sephatia, three hundred seventy-two.filii Sephetia trecenti septuaginta duo
25The children of Area, seven hundred seventy-five.filii Area septingenti septuaginta quinque
26The children of Phahath Moab, of the children of Josue: Joab, Two thousand eight hundred twelve.filii Phaethmoab filiorum Iosue Ioab duo milia octingenti duodecim
27The children of Elam, a thousand two hundred fifty-four.filii Helam mille ducenti quinquaginta quattuor
28The children of Zethua, nine hundred forty-five.filii Zeththua nongenti quadraginta quinque
29The children of Zachai, seven hundred sixty.filii Zacchai septingenti sexaginta
210The children of Bani, six hundred forty-two.filii Bani sescenti quadraginta duo
211The children of Bebai, six hundred twenty-three.filii Bebai sescenti viginti tres
212The children of Azgad, a thousand two hundred twenty-two.filii Azgad mille ducenti viginti duo
213The children of Adonicam, six hundred sixty-six.filii Adonicam sescenti sexaginta sex
214The children of Beguai, two thousand fifty-six.filii Beguai duo milia quinquaginta sex
215The children of Adin, four hundred fifty-four.filii Adin quadringenti quinquaginta quattuor
216The children of Ather, who were of Ezechias, ninety-eight.filii Ater qui erant ex Hiezechia nonaginta octo
217The children of Besai, three hundred and twenty-three.filii Besai trecenti viginti tres
218The children of Jora, a hundred and twelve.filii Iora centum duodecim
219The children of Hasum, two hundred twenty-three.filii Asom ducenti viginti tres
220The children of Gebbar, ninety-five.filii Gebbar nonaginta quinque
221The children of Bethlehem, a hundred twenty-three.filii Bethleem centum viginti tres
222The men of Netupha, fifty-six.viri Netupha quinquaginta sex
223The men of Anathoth, a hundred twenty-eight.viri Anathoth centum viginti octo
224The children of Azmaveth, forty-two.filii Azmaveth quadraginta duo
225The children of Cariathiarim, Cephira, and Beroth, seven hundred forty-three.filii Cariathiarim Caephira et Beroth septingenti quadraginta tres
226The children of Rama and Gabaa, six hundred twenty-one.filii Arama et Gaba sescenti viginti unus
227The men of Machmas, a hundred twenty-two.viri Machmas centum viginti duo
228The men of Bethel and Hai, two hundred twenty-three.viri Bethel et Gai ducenti viginti tres
229The children of Nebo, fifty-two.filii Nebo quinquaginta duo
230The children of Megbis, a hundred fifty-six.filii Megbis centum quinquaginta sex
231The children of the other Elam, a thousand two hundred fifty-five.filii Helam alterius mille ducenti quinquaginta quattuor
232The children of Harim, three hundred and twenty.filii Arim trecenti viginti
233The children of Lod, Hadid and Ono, seven hundred twenty-five.filii Lod Adid et Ono septingenti viginti quinque
234The children of Jericho, three hundred forty-five.filii Hiericho trecenti quadraginta quinque
235The children of Senaa, three thousand six hundred thirty.filii Sennaa tria milia sescenti triginta
236The priests: the children of Jadaia of the house of Josue, nine hundred seventy-three.sacerdotes filii Idaia in domo Hiesue nongenti septuaginta tres
237The children of Emmer, a thousand fifty-two.filii Emmer mille quinquaginta duo
238The children of Pheshur, a thousand two hundred forty-seven.filii Phessur mille ducenti quadraginta septem
239The children of Harim, a thousand and seventeen.filii Arim mille decem et septem
240The Levites: the children of Josue and of Cedmihel, the children of Odovia, seventy-four.Levitae filii Hiesue et Cedmihel filiorum Odevia septuaginta quattuor
241The singing men: the children of Asaph, a hundred twenty-eight.cantores filii Asaph centum viginti octo
242The children of the porters: the children of Sellum, the children of Ater, the children of Telmon, the children of Accub, the children of Hatita, the children of Sobai: in all a hundred thirty-nine.filii ianitorum filii Sellum filii Ater filii Telmon filii Accub filii Atita filii Sobai universi centum triginta novem
243The Nathinites: the children of Siha, the children of Hasupha, the children of Tabbaoth,Nathinnei filii Sia filii Asupha filii Tebbaoth
244The children of Ceros, the children of Sia, the children of Phadon,filii Ceros filii Siaa filii Phadon
245The children of Lebana, the children of Hegaba, the children of Accub,filii Levana filii Agaba filii Accub
246The children of Hagab, the children of Semlai, the children of Hanan,filii Agab filii Selmai filii Anan
247The children of Gaddel, the children of Gaher, the children of Raaia,filii Gaddel filii Gaer filii Rahaia
248The children of Rasin, the children of Necoda, the children of Gazam,filii Rasin filii Nechoda filii Gazem
249The children of Asa, the children of Phasea, the children of Besee,filii Aza filii Phasea filii Besee
250The children of Asena, the children of Munim, the children of Nephusim,filii Asenaa filii Munim filii Nephusim
251The children of Bacbuc, the children of Hacupha, the children of Harhur,filii Becbuc filii Acupha filii Arur
252The children of Besluth, the children of Mahida, the children of Harsa,filii Besluth filii Maida filii Arsa
253The children of Bercos, the children of Sisara, the children of Thema,filii Bercos filii Sisara filii Thema
254The children of Nasia, the children of Hatipha,filii Nasia filii Atupha
255The children of the servants of Solomon, the children of Sotai, the children of Sopheret, the children of Pharuda,filii servorum Salomonis filii Sotei filii Suphereth filii Pharuda
256The children of Jala, the children of Dercon, the children of Geddel,filii Iala filii Dercon filii Gedel
257The children of Saphatia, the children of Hatil, the children of Phochereth, which were of Asebaim, the children of Ami,filii Saphatia filii Athil filii Phocereth qui erant de Asebaim filii Ammi
258All the Nathinites, and the children of the servants of Solomon, three hundred ninety-two.omnes Nathinnei et filii servorum Salomonis trecenti nonaginta duo
259And these are they that came up from Thelmela, Thelharsa, Cherub, and Adon, and Emer. And they could not shew the house of their fathers and their seed, whether they were of Israel.et hii qui ascenderunt de Thelmela Thelarsa Cherub et Don et Mer et non potuerunt indicare domum patrum suorum et semen suum utrum ex Israhel essent
260The children of Dalaia, the children of Tobia, the children of Necoda, six hundred fifty-two.filii Delaia filii Tobia filii Necoda sescenti quinquaginta duo
261And of the children of the priests: the children of Hobia, the children of Accos, the children of Berzellai, who took a wife of the daughters of Berzellai, the Galaadite, and was called by their name:et de filiis sacerdotum filii Obia filii Accos filii Berzellai qui accepit de filiabus Berzellai Galaditis uxorem et vocatus est nomine eorum
262These sought the writing of their genealogy, and found it not, and they were cast out of the priesthood.hii quaesierunt scripturam genealogiae suae et non invenerunt et eiecti sunt de sacerdotio
263And Athersatha said to them, that they should not eat of the holy of holies, till there arose a priest learned and perfect.et dixit Athersatha eis ut non comederent de sancto sanctorum donec surgeret sacerdos doctus atque perfectus
264All the multitudes as one man, were forty-two thousand three hundred and sixty:omnis multitudo quasi unus quadraginta duo milia trecenti sexaginta
265Besides their menservants, and womenservants, of whom there were seven thousand three hundred and thirty-seven: and among them singing men, and singing women two hundred.exceptis servis eorum et ancillis qui erant septem milia trecenti triginta septem et in ipsis cantores atque cantrices ducentae
266Their horses seven hundred thirty-six, their mules two hundred forty-five,equi eorum septingenti triginta sex muli eorum ducenti quadraginta quinque
267Their camels four hundred thirty-five, their asses six thousand seven hundred and twenty.cameli eorum quadringenti triginta quinque asini eorum sex milia septingenti viginti
268And some of the chief of the fathers, when they came to the temple of the Lord, which is in Jerusalem, offered freely to the house of the Lord to build it in its place.et de principibus patrum cum ingrederentur templum Domini quod est in Hierusalem sponte obtulerunt in domum Dei ad extruendam eam in loco suo
269According to their ability, they gave towards the expenses of the work, sixty-one thousand solids of gold, five thousand pounds of silver, and a hundred garments for the priests.secundum vires suas dederunt in inpensas operis auri solidos sexaginta milia et mille argenti minas quinque milia et vestes sacerdotales centum
270So the priests and the Levites, and some of the people, and the singing men, and the porters, and the Nathinites dwelt in their cities, and all Israel in their cities.habitaverunt ergo sacerdotes et Levitae et de populo et cantores et ianitores et Nathinnei in urbibus suis universusque Israhel in civitatibus suis
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



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