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Absalom's policy and conspiracy. David is obliged to flee.

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151Now after these things Absalom made himself chariots, and horsemen, and fifty men to run before him.igitur post haec fecit sibi Absalom currum et equites et quinquaginta viros qui praecederent eum
152And Absalom rising up early stood by the entrance of the gate, and when any man had business to come to the king's judgment, Absalom called him to him, and said: Of what city art thou? He answered, and said: Thy servant is of such tribe of Israel.et mane consurgens Absalom stabat iuxta introitum portae et omnem virum qui habebat negotium ut veniret ad regis iudicium vocabat Absalom ad se et dicebat de qua civitate es tu qui respondens aiebat ex una tribu Israhel ego sum servus tuus
153And Absalom answered him: Thy words seem to me good and just. But there is no man appointed by the king to hear thee. And Absalom said:respondebatque ei Absalom videntur mihi sermones tui boni et iusti sed non est qui te audiat constitutus a rege dicebatque Absalom
154O that they would make me judge over the land, that all that have business might come to me, that I might do them justice.quis me constituat iudicem super terram ut ad me veniant omnes qui habent negotium et iuste iudicem
155Moreover when any man came to him to salute him, he put forth his hand, and took him, and kissed him.sed et cum accederet ad eum homo ut salutaret illum extendebat manum suam et adprehendens osculabatur eum
156And this he did to all Israel that came for judgment, to be heard by the king, and he enticed the hearts of the men of Israel.faciebatque hoc omni Israhel qui veniebat ad iudicium ut audiretur a rege et sollicitabat corda virorum Israhel
157And after forty years, Absalom said to king David: Let me go, and pay my vows which I have vowed to the Lord in Hebron.post quattuor autem annos dixit Absalom ad regem vadam et reddam vota mea quae vovi Domino in Hebron
158For thy servant made a vow, when he was in Gessur of Syria, saying: If the Lord shall bring me again into Jerusalem, I will offer sacrifice to the Lord.vovens enim vovit servus tuus cum esset in Gessur Syriae dicens si reduxerit me Dominus in Hierusalem sacrificabo Domino
159And king David said to him: Go in peace. And he arose, and went to Hebron.dixitque ei rex vade in pace et surrexit et abiit in Hebron
1510And Absalom sent spies into all the tribes of Israel, saying: As soon as you shall hear the sound of the trumpet, say ye: Absalom reigneth in Hebron.misit autem Absalom exploratores in universas tribus Israhel dicens statim ut audieritis clangorem bucinae dicite regnavit Absalom in Hebron
1511Now there went with Absalom two hundred men out of Jerusalem that were called, going with simplicity of heart, and knowing nothing of the design.porro cum Absalom ierunt ducenti viri de Hierusalem vocati euntes simplici corde et causam penitus ignorantes
1512Absalom also sent for Achitophel the Gilonite, David's counsellor, from his city Gilo. And while he was offering sacrifices, there was a strong conspiracy, and the people running together increased with Absalom.accersivit quoque Absalom Ahitofel Gilonitem consiliarium David de civitate sua Gilo cum immolaret victimas et facta est coniuratio valida populusque concurrens augebatur cum Absalom
1513And there came a messenger to David, saying: All Israel with their whole heart followeth Absalom.venit igitur nuntius ad David dicens toto corde universus Israhel sequitur Absalom
1514And David said to his servants, that were with him in Jerusalem: Arise and let us flee: for we shall not escape else from the face of Absalom: make haste to go out, lest he come and overtake us, and bring ruin upon us, and smite the city with the edge of the sword.et ait David servis suis qui erant cum eo in Hierusalem surgite fugiamus neque enim erit nobis effugium a facie Absalom festinate egredi ne forte veniens occupet nos et inpellat super nos ruinam et percutiat civitatem in ore gladii
1515And the king's servants said to him: Whatsoever our lord the king shall command, we thy servants will willingly execute.dixeruntque servi regis ad eum omnia quaecumque praeceperit dominus noster rex libenter exsequimur servi tui
1516And the king went forth, and all his household on foot: and the king left ten women his concubines to keep the house:egressus est ergo rex et universa domus eius pedibus suis et dereliquit rex decem mulieres concubinas ad custodiendam domum
1517And the king going forth and all Israel on foot, stood afar off from the house:egressusque rex et omnis Israhel pedibus suis stetit procul a domo
1518And all his servants walked by him, and the bands of the Cerethi, and the Phelethi, and all the Gethites, valiant warriors, six hundred men who had followed him from Geth on foot, went before the king.et universi servi eius ambulabant iuxta eum et legiones Cherethi et Felethi et omnes Getthei sescenti viri qui secuti eum fuerant de Geth praecedebant regem
1519And the king said to Ethai the Gethite: Why comest thou with us: return and dwell with the king, for thou art a stranger, and art come out of thy own place.dixit autem rex ad Ethai Gettheum cur venis nobiscum revertere et habita cum rege quia peregrinus es et egressus de loco tuo
1520Yesterday thou camest, and to day shalt thou be forced to go forth with us? but I shall go whither I am going: return thou, and take back thy brethren with thee, and the Lord will shew thee mercy, and truth, because thou hast shewn grace and fidelity.heri venisti et hodie inpelleris nobiscum egredi ego autem vadam quo iturus sum revertere et reduc tecum fratres tuos ostendisti gratiam et fidem
1521And Ethai answered the king, saying: As the Lord liveth, and as my lord the king liveth: in what place soever thou shalt be, my lord, O king, either in death, or in life, there will thy servant be.et respondit Ethai regi dicens vivit Dominus et vivit dominus meus rex quoniam in quocumque loco fueris domine mi rex sive in morte sive in vita ibi erit servus tuus
1522And David said to Ethai: Come, and pass over. And Ethai the Gethite passed, and all the men that were with him, and the rest of the people.et ait David Ethai veni et transi et transivit Ethai Gettheus et omnes viri qui cum eo erant et reliqua multitudo
1523And they all wept with a loud voice, and all the people passed over: the king also himself went over the brook Cedron, and all the people marched towards the way that looketh to the desert.omnesque flebant voce magna et universus populus transiebat rex quoque transgrediebatur torrentem Cedron et cunctus populus incedebat contra viam quae respicit ad desertum
1524And Sadoc the priest also came, and all the Levites with him carrying the ark of the covenant of God, and they set down the ark of God: and Abiathar went up, till all the people that was come out of the city had done passing.venit autem et Sadoc et universi Levitae cum eo portantes arcam foederis Dei et deposuerunt arcam Dei et ascendit Abiathar donec expletus est omnis populus qui egressus fuerat de civitate
1525And the king said to Sadoc: Carry back the ark of God into the city: if I shall find grace in the sight of the Lord, he will bring me again, and he will shew me it, and his tabernacle.et dixit rex ad Sadoc reporta arcam Dei in urbem si invenero gratiam in oculis Domini reducet me et ostendet mihi eam et tabernaculum suum
1526But if he shall say to me: Thou pleasest me not: I am ready, let him do that which is good before him.si autem dixerit non places praesto sum faciat quod bonum est coram se
1527And the king said to Sadoc the priest: O seer, return into the city in peace: and let Achimaas thy son, and Jonathan the son of Abiathar, your two sons, be with you.et dixit rex ad Sadoc sacerdotem o videns revertere in civitatem in pace et Achimaas filius tuus et Ionathan filius Abiathar duo filii vestri sint vobiscum
1528Behold I will lie hid in the plains of the wilderness, till there come word from you to certify me.ecce ego abscondar in campestribus deserti donec veniat sermo a vobis indicans mihi
1529So Sadoc and Abiathar carried back the ark of God into Jerusalem: and they tarried there.reportaverunt igitur Sadoc et Abiathar arcam Dei Hierusalem et manserunt ibi
1530But David went up by the ascent of mount Olivet, going up and weeping, walking barefoot, and with his head covered, and all the people that were with them, went up with their heads covered weeping.porro David ascendebat clivum Olivarum scandens et flens operto capite et nudis pedibus incedens sed et omnis populus qui erat cum eo operto capite ascendebat plorans
1531And it was told David that Achitophel also was in the conspiracy with Absalom, and David said: Infatuate, O Lord, I beseech thee, the counsel of Achitophel.nuntiatum est autem David quod et Ahitofel esset in coniuratione cum Absalom dixitque David infatua quaeso consilium Ahitofel Domine
1532And when David was come to the top of the mountain, where he was about to adore the Lord, behold Chusai the Arachite, came to meet him with his garment rent and his head covered with earth.cumque ascenderet David summitatem montis in quo adoraturus erat Dominum ecce occurrit ei Husai Arachites scissa veste et terra pleno capite
1533And David said to him: If thou come with me, thou wilt be a burden to me:et dixit ei David si veneris mecum eris mihi oneri
1534But if thou return into the city, and wilt say to Absalom: I am thy servant, O king: as I have been thy father's servant, so I will be thy servant: thou shalt defeat the counsel of Achitophel.si autem in civitatem revertaris et dixeris Absalom servus tuus sum rex sicut fui servus patris tui sic ero servus tuus dissipabis consilium Ahitofel
1535And thou hast with thee Sadoc, and soever thou shalt hear out of the king's house, thou shalt tell it to Sadoc and Abiathar the priests.habes autem tecum Sadoc et Abiathar sacerdotes et omne verbum quodcumque audieris de domo regis indicabis Sadoc et Abiathar sacerdotibus
1536And there are with them their two sons Achimaas; the son of Sadoc, and Jonathan the son of Abiathar: and you shall send by them to me every thing that you shall hear.sunt autem cum eis duo filii eorum Achimaas Sadoc et Ionathan Abiathar et mittetis per eos ad me omne verbum quod audieritis
1537Then Chusai the friend of David went into the city, and Absalom came into Jerusalem.veniente ergo Husai amico David in civitatem Absalom quoque ingressus est Hierusalem
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24



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