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King David's psalm of thanksgiving for his deliverance from all his enemies.

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221And David spoke to the Lord the words of this canticle, in the day that the Lord delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies, and out of the hand of Saul,locutus est autem David Domino verba carminis huius in die qua liberavit eum Dominus de manu omnium inimicorum suorum et de manu Saul
222And he said: The Lord is my rock, and my strength, and my saviour.et ait Dominus petra mea et robur meum et salvator meus
223God is my strong one, in him will I trust: my shield, and the horn of my salvation: he lifteth me up, and is my refuge: my saviour, thou wilt deliver me from iniquity.Deus meus fortis meus sperabo in eum scutum meum et cornu salutis meae elevator meus et refugium meum salvator meus de iniquitate liberabis me
224I will call on the Lord who is worthy to be praised: and I shall be saved from my enemies.laudabilem invocabo Dominum et ab inimicis meis salvus ero
225For the pangs of death have surrounded me: the floods of Belial have made me afraid.quia circumdederunt me contritiones mortis torrentes Belial terruerunt me
226The cords of hell compassed me: the snares of death prevented me.funes inferi circumdederunt me praevenerunt me laquei mortis
227In my distress I will call upon the Lord, and I will cry to my God: and he will hear my voice out of his temple, and my cry shall come to his ears.in tribulatione mea invocabo Dominum et ad Deum meum clamabo et exaudiet de templo suo vocem meam et clamor meus veniet ad aures eius
228The earth shook and trembled, the foundations of the mountains were moved, and shaken, because he was angry with them.commota est et contremuit terra fundamenta montium concussa sunt et conquassata quoniam iratus est
229A smoke went up from his nostrils, and a devouring fire out of his mouth: coals were kindled by it.ascendit fumus de naribus eius et ignis de ore eius voravit carbones incensi sunt ab eo
2210He bowed the heavens, and came down: and darkness was under his feet.et inclinavit caelos et descendit et caligo sub pedibus eius
2211And he rode upon the cherubims, and flew: and slid upon the wings of the wind.et ascendit super cherubin et volavit et lapsus est super pinnas venti
2212He made darkness a covering round about him: dropping waters out of the clouds of the heavens.posuit tenebras in circuitu suo latibulum cribrans aquas de nubibus caelorum
2213By the brightness before him, the coals of fire were kindled.prae fulgore in conspectu eius succensi sunt carbones ignis
2214The Lord shall thunder from heaven: and the most high shall give forth his voice.tonabit de caelis Dominus et Excelsus dabit vocem suam
2215He shot arrows and scattered them: lightning, and consumed them.misit sagittas et dissipavit eos fulgur et consumpsit eos
2216And the overflowings of the sea appeared, and the foundations of the world were laid open at the rebuke of the Lord, at the blast of the spirit of his wrath.et apparuerunt effusiones maris et revelata sunt fundamenta orbis ab increpatione Domini ab inspiratione spiritus furoris eius
2217He sent from on high, and took me, and drew me out of many waters.misit de excelso et adsumpsit me extraxit me de aquis multis
2218He delivered me from my most mighty enemy, and from them that hated me: for they were too strong for me.liberavit me ab inimico meo potentissimo ab his qui oderant me quoniam robustiores me erant
2219He prevented me in the day of my affliction, and the Lord became my stay.praevenit me in die adflictionis meae et factus est Dominus firmamentum meum
2220And he brought me forth into a large place, he delivered me, because I pleased him.et eduxit me in latitudinem liberavit me quia placuit ei
2221The Lord will reward me according to my justice: and according to the cleanness of my hands he will render to me.retribuet mihi Dominus secundum iustitiam meam et secundum munditiam manuum mearum reddet mihi
2222Because I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God.quia custodivi vias Domini et non egi impie a Deo meo
2223For all his judgments are in my sight: and his precepts I have not removed from me.omnia enim iudicia eius in conspectu meo et praecepta eius non amovi a me
2224And I shall be perfect with him: and shall keep myself from my iniquity.et ero perfectus cum eo et custodiam me ab iniquitate mea
2225And the Lord will recompense me according to my justice: and according to the cleanness of my hands in the sight of his eyes.et restituet Dominus mihi secundum iustitiam meam et secundum munditiam manuum mearum in conspectu oculorum suorum
2226With the holy one thou wilt be holy: and with the valiant perfect.cum sancto sanctus eris et cum robusto perfectus
2227With the elect thou wilt be elect: and with the perverse thou wilt be perverted.cum electo electus eris et cum perverso perverteris
2228And the poor people thou wilt save: and with thy eyes thou shalt humble the haughty.et populum pauperem salvum facies oculisque tuis excelsos humiliabis
2229For thou art my lamp O Lord: and thou, O Lord, wilt enlighten my darkness.quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas
2230For in thee I will run girded: in my God I will leap over the wall.in te enim curram accinctus in Deo meo transiliam murum
2231God, his way is immaculate, the word of the Lord is tried by fire: he is the shield of all that trust in him.Deus inmaculata via eius eloquium Domini igne examinatum scutum est omnium sperantium in se
2232Who is God but the Lord: and who is strong but our God?quis est deus praeter Dominum et quis fortis praeter Deum nostrum
2233God who hath girded me with strength, and made my way perfect.Deus qui accingit me fortitudine et conplanavit perfectam viam meam
2234Making my feet like the feet of harts, and setting me upon my high places.coaequans pedes meos cervis et super excelsa mea statuens me
2235He teacheth my hands to war: and maketh my arms like a bow of brass.docens manus meas ad proelium et conponens quasi arcum aereum brachia mea
2236Thou hast given me the shield of my salvation: and thy mildness hath multiplied me.dedisti mihi clypeum salutis tuae et mansuetudo mea multiplicavit me
2237Thou shalt enlarge my steps under me: and my ankles shall not fail.dilatabis gressus meos subtus me et non deficient tali mei
2238I will pursue after my enemies, and crush them: and will not return again till I consume them.persequar inimicos meos et conteram et non revertar donec consumam eos
2239I will consume them and break them in pieces, so that they shall not rise: they shall fall under my feet.consumam eos et confringam ut non consurgant cadent sub pedibus meis
2240Thou hast girded me with strength to battle: thou hast made them that resisted me to bow under me.accinxisti me fortitudine ad proelium incurvabis resistentes mihi sub me
2241My enemies thou hast made to turn their back to me: them that hated me, and I shall destroy them.inimicos meos dedisti mihi dorsum odientes me et disperdam eos
2242They shall cry, and there shall be none to save: to the Lord, and he shall not hear them.clamabunt et non erit qui salvet ad Dominum et non exaudiet eos
2243I shall beat them as small as the dust of the earth: I shall crush them and spread them abroad like the mire of the streets.delebo eos ut pulverem terrae quasi lutum platearum comminuam eos atque conpingam
2244Thou wilt save me from the contradictions of my people: thou wilt keep me to be the head of the Gentiles: the people which I know not, shall serve me,salvabis me a contradictionibus populi mei custodies in caput gentium populus quem ignoro serviet mihi
2245The sons of the stranger will resist me, at the hearing of the ear they will obey me.filii alieni resistent mihi auditu auris oboedient mihi
2246The strangers are melted away, and shall be straitened in their distresses.filii alieni defluxerunt et contrahentur in angustiis suis
2247The Lord liveth, and my God is blessed: and the strong God of my salvation shall be exalted:vivit Dominus et benedictus Deus meus et exaltabitur Deus fortis salutis meae
2248God who giveth me revenge, and bringest down people under me,Deus qui das vindictas mihi et deicis populos sub me
2249Who bringest me forth from my enemies, and liftest me up from them that resist me: from the wicked man thou shalt deliver me.qui educis me ab inimicis meis et a resistentibus mihi elevas me a viro iniquo liberabis me
2250Therefore will I give thanks to thee, O Lord, among the Gentiles, and will sing to thy name.propterea confitebor tibi Domine in gentibus et nomini tuo cantabo
2251Giving great salvation to his king, and shewing mercy to David his anointed, and to his seed for ever.magnificanti salutes regis sui et facienti misericordiam christo suo David et semini eius in sempiternum
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24



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