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They pray for mercy, acknowledging that they are justly punished for forsaking true wisdom. A prophecy of Christ.

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31And now, O Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, the soul in anguish, and the troubled spirit crieth to thee:et nunc Domine omnipotens Deus Israhel anima in angustiis et spiritus anxius clamat ad te
32Hear, O Lord, and have mercy, for thou art a merciful God, and have pity on us: for we have sinned before thee.audi Domine et miserere quia Deus es misericors et miserere nostri quia peccavimus ante te
33For thou remainest for ever, and shall we perish everlastingly?quia tu sedes in sempiternum et nos peribimus in aevum
34O Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, hear now the prayer of the dead of Israel, and of their children, that have sinned before thee, and have not hearkened to the voice of the Lord their God, wherefore evils have cleaved fast to us.Domine omnipotens Deus Israhel audi nunc orationem mortuorum Israhel et filiorum ipsorum qui peccaverunt ante te et non audierunt vocem Domini Dei sui et adglutinata sunt nobis mala
35Remember not the iniquities of our fathers, but think upon thy hand, and upon thy name at this time:noli meminisse iniquitates patrum nostrorum sed memento manus tuae et nominis tui in tempore isto
36For thou art the Lord our God, and we will praise thee, O Lord:quia tu es Dominus Deus noster et laudabimus te Domine
37Because for this end thou hast put thy fear in our hearts, to the intent that we should call upon thy name, and praise thee in our captivity, for we are converted from the iniquity of our fathers, who sinned before thee.quia propter hoc dedisti timorem tuum in cordibus nostris et ut invocemus nomen tuum et laudemus te in captivitate nostra quia convertemus iniquitatem patrum nostrorum qui peccaverunt ante te
38And behold we are at this day in our captivity, whereby thou hast scattered us to be a reproach, and a curse, and an offence, according to all the iniquities of our fathers, who departed from thee, O Lord our God.et ecce nos hodie in captivitate nostra sumus quo nos dispersisti in inproperium et in maledictum et in peccatum secundum omnes iniquitates patrum nostrorum qui discesserunt a te Domine Deus noster
39Hear, O Israel, the commandments of life: give ear, that thou mayst learn wisdom.audi Israhel mandata vitae auribus percipite ut scias prudentiam
310How happeneth it, O Israel, that thou art in thy enemies' land?quid est Israhel quid est quod in terra es inimicorum
311Thou art grown old in a strange country, thou art defiled with the dead: thou art counted with them that go down into hell.inveterasti in terra aliena coinquinatus es cum mortuis deputatus es cum descendentibus in infernum
312Thou hast forsaken the fountain of wisdom:dereliquisti fontem sapientiae
313For if thou hadst walked in the way of God, thou hadst surely dwelt in peace for ever.si in via Dei ambulasses habitasses in pace sempiterna
314Learn where is wisdom, where is strength, where is understanding: that thou mayst know also where is length of days and life, where is the light of the eyes, and peace.disce ubi sit prudentia ubi sit virtus ubi sit intellectus ut scias simul ubi sit longiturnitas vitae et victus ubi sit lumen oculorum et pax
315Who hath found out her place? and who hath gone in to her treasures?quis invenit locum eius et quis intravit in thesauros eius
316Where are the princes of the nations, and they that rule over the beasts that are upon the earth?ubi sunt principes gentium et qui dominantur super bestias quae sunt super terram
317That take their diversion with the birds of the air.qui in avibus caeli inludunt
318That hoard up silver and gold, wherein men trust, and there is no end of their getting? who work in silver and are solicitous, and their works are unsearchable.qui argentum thesaurizant et aurum in quo confidebant homines et non est finis adquisitionis eorum qui argentum fabricant et solliciti sunt nec est inventio operum illorum
319They are cut off, and are gone down to hell, and others are risen up in their place.exterminati sunt et ad inferos descenderunt et alii loco eorum exsurrexerunt
320Young men have seen the light, and dwelt upon the earth: but the way of knowledge they have not known,iuvenes viderunt lumen et habitaverunt super terram viam autem disciplinae ignoraverunt
321Nor have they understood the paths thereof, neither have their children received it, it is far from their face.neque intellexerunt semitas eius neque filii eorum susceperunt eam a facie ipsorum longe facta est
322It hath not been heard of in the land of Chanaan, neither hath it been seen in Theman.non est audita in terra Chanaan neque visa est in Theman
323The children of Agar also, that search after the wisdom that is of the earth, the merchants of Merrha, and of Theman, and the tellers of fables, and searchers of prudence and understanding: but the way of wisdom they have not known, neither have they remembered her paths.filii quoque Agar qui exquirunt prudentiam quae de terra est negotiatores Merrae et Theman et fabulatores et exquisitores intellegentiae viam autem sapientiae nescierunt neque commemorati sunt semitas eius
324O Israel, how great is the house of God, and how vast is the place of his possession!o Israhel quam magna est domus Dei et ingens locus possessionis eius
325It is great, and hath no end: it is high and immense.magnus et non habet finem excelsus et inmensus
326There were the giants, those renowned men that were from the beginning, of great stature, expert in war.ibi fuerunt gigantes nominati illi qui ab initio fuerunt statura magna scientes bellum
327The Lord chose not them, neither did they find the way of knowledge: therefore did they perish.non hos elegit Deus neque viam disciplinae dedit illis et perierunt
328And because they had not wisdom, they perished through their folly.eo quod non haberent sapientiam et perierunt propter insipientiam suam
329Who hath gone up into heaven, and taken her, and brought her down from the clouds?quis ascendit in caelum et accepit eam et deduxit eam de nubibus
330Who hath passed over the sea, and found her, and brought her preferably to chosen gold?quis transfretavit mare et invenit illam et adtulit illam super aurum electum
331There is none that is able to know her ways, nor that can search out her paths:non est qui possit scire viam eius neque qui exquirat semitas eius
332But he that knoweth all things, knoweth her, and hath found her out with his understanding: he that prepared the earth for evermore, and filled it with cattle and fourfooted beasts:sed qui scit universa novit eam et invenit eam prudentia sua qui praeparavit terram in aeterno tempore et replevit eam pecudibus et quadrupedibus
333He that sendeth forth the light, and it goeth: and hath called it, and it obeyeth him with trembling.qui emittit lumen et vadit et vocavit illud et obaudit illi in tremore
334And the stars have given light in their watches, and rejoiced:stellae autem lumen dederunt in custodiis suis et laetatae sunt
335They were called, and they said: Here we are: and with cheerfulness they have shined forth to him that made them.vocatae sunt et dixerunt adsumus et luxerunt ei cum iucunditate qui fecit illas
336This is our God, and there shall no other be accounted of in comparison of him.hic Deus noster non aestimabitur alius adversus eum
337He found out all the way of knowledge, and gave it to Jacob his servant, and to Israel his beloved.hic adinvenit omnem viam disciplinae et tradidit illam Iacob puero suo et Israhel dilecto suo
338Afterwards he was seen upon earth, and conversed with men.post haec in terris visus est et cum hominibus conversatus est
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6



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