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The history of Susanna and the two elders. This history of Susanna, in all the ancient Greek and Latin Bibles, was placed in the beginning of the book of Daniel: till St. Jerome, in his translation, detached it from thence; because he did not find it in the Hebrew: which is also the case of the history of Bel and the Dragon. But both the one and the other are received by the Catholic Church: and were from the very beginning a part of the Christian Bible.

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131Now there was a man that dwelt in Babylon, and his name was Joakim:et erat vir habitans in Babylone et nomen eius Ioachim
132And he took a wife, whose name was Susanna, the daughter of Helcias, a very beautiful woman, and one that feared God.et accepit uxorem nomine Susannam filiam Chelciae pulchram nimis et timentem Dominum
133For her parents being just, had instructed their daughter according to the law of Moses.parentes enim illius cum essent iusti erudierunt filiam suam secundum legem Mosi
134Now Joakim was very rich, and had an orchard near his house: and the Jews resorted to him, because he was the most honourable of them all.erat autem Ioachim dives valde et erat ei pomerium vicinum domus suae et ad ipsum confluebant Iudaei eo quod esset honorabilior omnium
135And there were two of the ancients of the people appointed judges that year, of whom the Lord said: That iniquity came out from Babylon, from the ancient judges, that seemed to govern the people.et constituti sunt duo senes iudi ces in anno illo de quibus locutus est Dominus quia egressa est iniquitas de Babylone a senibus iudicibus qui videbantur regere populum
136These men frequented the house of Joakim, and all that hand any matters of judgment came to them.isti frequentabant domum Ioachim et veniebant ad eos omnes qui habebant iudicia
137And when the people departed away at noon, Susanna went in, and walked in her husband's orchard.cum autem populus revertisset per meridiem ingrediebatur Susanna et deambulabat in pomerio viri sui
138And the old men saw her going in every day, and walking: and they were inflamed with lust towards her:et videbant eam senes cotidie ingredientem et deambulantem et exarserunt in concupiscentia eius
139And they perverted their own mind, and turned away their eyes, that they might not look unto heaven, nor remember just judgments.et everterunt sensum suum et declinaverunt oculos suos ut non viderent caelum neque recordarentur iudiciorum iustorum
1310So they were both wounded with the love of her, yet they did not make known their grief one to the other.erantergo ambo vulnerati amore eius nec indicaverunt sibi vicissim dolorem suum
1311For they were ashamed to declare to one another their lust, being desirous to have to do with her:erubescebant enim indicare concupiscentiam suam volentes concumbere cum ea
1312And they watched carefully every day to see her. And one said to the other:et observabant cotidie sollicitius videre eam dixitque alter ad alterum
1313Let us now go home, for it is dinner time. So going out, they departed one from another.eamus domum quia prandii hora est et egressi recesserunt a se
1314And turning back again, they came both to the same place: and asking one another the cause, they acknowledged their lust: and then they agreed together upon a time, when they might find her alone.cumque revertissent venerunt in unum et sciscitantes ab invicem causam confessi sunt concupiscentiam suam et tunc in commune statuerunt tempus quando eam possent invenire solam
1315And it fell out, as they watched a fit day, she went in on a time, as yesterday and the day before, with two maids only, and was desirous to wash herself in the orchard: for it was hot weather.factum est autem cum observarent diem aptum ingressa est aliquando sicut heri et nudius tertius cum duabus solis puellis voluitque lavari in pomerio aestus quippe erat
1316And there was nobody there, but the two old men that had hid themselves, and were beholding her.et non erat ibi quisquam praeter duos senes absconditos et contemplantes eam
1317So she said to the maids: Bring me oil, and washing balls, and shut the doors of the orchard, that I may wash me.dixit ergo puellis adferte mihi oleum et smegmata et ostia pomerii claudite ut lavem
1318And they did as she bade them: and they shut the doors of the orchard, and went out by a back door to fetch what she had commanded them, and they knew not that the elders were hid within.et fecerunt sicut praeceperat clauseruntque ostia pomerii et egressae sunt per posticium ut adferrent quae iusserat nesciebantque senes intus esse absconditos
1319Now when the maids were gone forth, the two elders arose, and ran to her, and said:cum autem egressae essent puellae surrexerunt duo senes et adcurrerunt ad eam et dixerunt
1320Behold the doors of the orchard are shut, and nobody seeth us, and we are in love with thee: wherefore consent to us, and lie with us.ecce ostia pomerii clausa sunt et nemo nos videt et in concupiscentia tui sumus quam ob rem adsentire nobis et commiscere nobiscum
1321But if thou wilt not, we will bear witness against thee, that a young man was with thee, and therefore thou didst send away thy maids form thee.quod si nolueris dicemus testimonium contra te quod fuerit tecum iuvenis et ob hanc causam emiseris puellas a te
1322Susanna sighed, and said: I am straitened on every side: for if I do this thing, it is death to me: and if I do it not, I shall not escape your hands.ingemuit Susanna et ait angustiae mihi undique si enim hoc egero mors mihi est si autem non egero non effugiam manus vestras
1323But it is better for me to fall into your hands without doing it, than to sin in the sight of the Lord.sed melius mihi est absque opere incidere in manus vestras quam peccare in conspectu Domini
1324With that Susanna cried out with a loud voice: and the elders also cried out against her.et exclamavit voce magna Susanna exclamaverunt autem et senes adversus eam
1325And one of them ran to the door of the orchard, and opened it.et cucurrit unus et aperuit ostia pomerii
1326So when the servants of the house heard the cry in the orchard, they rushed in by the back door, to see what was the matter.cum ergo audissent clamorem in pomerio famuli domus inruerunt per posticam ut viderent quinam esset
1327But after the old men had spoken, the servants were greatly ashamed: for never had there been any such word said of Susanna. And on the next day,postquam autem senes locuti sunt erubuerunt servi vehementer quia numquam dictus fuerat sermo huiuscemodi de Susanna et facta est dies crastina
1328When the people were come to Joakim, her husband, the two elders also came full of wicked device against Susanna, to put her to death.cumque venisset populus ad virum eius Ioachim venerunt et duo presbyteri pleni iniqua cogitatione adversum Susannam ut interficerent eam
1329And they said before the people: Send to Susanna, daughter of Helcias, the wife of Joakim. And presently they sent.et dixerunt coram populo mittite ad Susannam filiam Chelciae uxorem Ioachim et statim miserunt
1330And she came with her parents, and children and all her kindred.et venit cum parentibus et filiis et universis cognatis suis
1331Now Susanna was exceeding delicate, and beautiful to behold.porro Susanna erat delicata nimis et pulchra specie
1332But those wicked men commanded that her face should be uncovered, (for she was covered) that so at least they might be satisfied with her beauty.at iniqui illi iusserunt ut discoperiretur erat enim cooperta ut vel sic satiarentur decore eius
1333Therefore her friends, and all her acquaintance wept.flebant igitur sui et omnes qui noverant eam
1334But the two elders rising up in the midst of the people, laid their hands upon her head.consurgentes autem duo presbyteri in medio populi posuerunt manus super caput eius
1335And she weeping, looked up to heaven, for her heart had confidence in the Lord.quae flens suspexit ad caelum erat enim cor eius fiduciam habens in Domino
1336And the elders said: As we walked in the orchard alone, this woman came in with two maids, and shut the doors of the orchard, ans sent away the maids from her.et dixerunt presbyteri cum deambularemus in pomerio soli ingressa est haec cum duabus puellis et clausit ostia pomerii et dimisit puellas
1337Then a young man that was there hid came to her, and lay with her.venitque ad eam adulescens qui erat absconditus et concubuit cum ea
1338But we that were in a corner of the orchard, seeing this wickedness, ran up to them, and we saw them lie together.porro nos cum essemus in angulo pomerii videntes iniquitatem cucurrimus ad eos et vidimus eos pariter commisceri
1339And him indeed we could not take, because he was stronger than us, and opening the doors, he leaped out:et illum quidem non quivimus conprehendere quia fortior nobis erat et apertis ostiis exilivit
1340But having taken this woman, we asked who the young man was, but she would not tell us: of this thing we are witnesses.hanc autem cum adprehendissemus interrogavimus quisnam esset adulescens et noluit indicare nobis huius rei testes sumus
1341The multitude believed them, as being the elders, and the judges of the people, and they condemned her to death.credidit eis multitudo quasi senibus populi et iudicibus et condemnaverunt eam ad mortem
1342Then Susanna cried out with a loud voice, and said: O eternal God, who knowest hidden things, who knowest all things before they come to pass,exclamavit autem voce magna Susanna et dixit Deus aeterne qui absconditorum es cognitor qui nosti omnia antequam fiant
1343Thou knowest that they have borne false witness against me: and behold I must die, whereas I have done none of these things, which these men have maliciously forged against me.tu scis quoniam falsum contra me tulerunt testimonium et ecce morior cum nihil horum fecerim quae isti malitiose conposuerunt adversum me
1344And the Lord heard her voice.exaudivit autem dominus vocem eius
1345And when she was led to be put to death, the Lord raised up the holy spirit of a young boy, whose name was Daniel:cumque duceretur ad mortem suscitavit Deus spiritum sanctum pueri iunioris cuius nomen Danihel
1346And he cried out with a loud voice: I am clear from the blood of this woman.et exclamavit voce magna mundus ego sum a sanguine huius
1347Then all the people turning themselves towards him, said: What meaneth this word that thou hast spoken?et conversus omnis populus ad eum dixit quis est sermo iste quem tu locutus es
1348But he standing in the midst of them, said: Are ye so foolish, ye children of Israel, that without examination or knowledge of the truth, you have condemned a daughter of Israel?qui cum staret in medio oerum ait sic fatui filii Israhel non iudicantes neque quod verum est cognoscentes condemnastis filiam Israhel
1349Return to judgment, for they have borne false witness against her.revertimini ad iudicium quia falsum testimonium locuti sunt adversum eam
1350So all the people turned again in haste, and the old men said to him: Come, and sit thou down among us, and shew it us: seeing God hath given thee the honour of old age.reversus est ergo populus cum festinatione et dixerunt ei senes veni et sede in medio nostrum et indica nobis quia tibi dedit Deus honorem senectutis
1351And Daniel said to the people: Separate these two far from one another, and I will examine them.et dixit ad eos Danihel separate illos ab invicem procul et diiudicabo eos
1352So when they were put asunder one from the other, he called one of them, and said to him: O thou that art grown old in evil days, now are thy sins come out, which thou hast committed before:cum ergo divisi essent alter ab altero vocavit unum de eis et dixit ad eum inveterate dierum malorum nunc venerunt peccata tua quae operabaris prius
1353In judging unjust judgments, oppressing the innocent, and letting the guilty to go free, whereas the Lord saith: The innocent and the just thou shalt not kill.iudicans iudicia iniusta innocentes opprimens et dimittens noxios dicente Domino innocentem et iustum non interficies
1354Now then if thou sawest her, tell me under what tree thou sawest them conversing together: He said: Under a mastic tree.nunc ergo si vidisti eam dic sub qua arbore videris eos loquentes sibi qui ait sub scino
1355And Daniel said: Well hast thou lied against thy own head: for behold the angel of God having received the sentence of him, shall cut thee in two.dixit autem Danihel recte mentitus es in caput tuum ecce enim angelus Dei accepta sententia ab eo scindet te medium
1356And having put him aside, he commanded that the other should come, and he said to him: O thou seed of Chanaan, and not of Juda, beauty hath deceived tee, and lust hath perverted thy heart:et amoto eo iussit venire alium et dixit ei semen Chanaan et non Iuda species decepit te et concupiscentia subvertit cor tuum
1357Thus did you do to the daughters of Israel, and they for fear conversed with you: but a daughter of Juda would not abide your wickedness.sic faciebatis filiabus Israhel et illae timentes loquebantur vobis sed non filia Iuda sustinuit iniquitatem vestram
1358Now, therefore, tell me, under what tree didst thou take them conversing together. And he answered: Under a holm tree.nunc ergo dic mihi sub qua arbore conprehenderis eos loquentes sibi qui ait sub prino
1359And Daniel said to him: Well hast thou also lied against thy own head: for the angel of the Lord waiteth with a sword to cut thee in two, and to destroy you.dixit autem ei Danihel recte mentitus es et tu in caput tuum manet enim angelus Dei gladium habens ut secet te medium et interficiat vos
1360With that all the assembly cried out with a loud voice, and they blessed God, who saveth them that trust in him.exclamavit itaque omnis coetus voce magna et benedixerunt Deo qui salvat sperantes in se
1361And they rose up against the two elders, (for Daniel had convicted them of false witness by their own mouth) and they did to them as they had maliciously dealt against their neighbour,et consurrexerunt adversum duos presbyteros convicerat enim eos Danihel ex ore suo falsum dixisse testimonium feceruntque eis sicuti male egerant adversum proximum
1362To fulfil the law of Moses: and they put them to death, and innocent blood was saved in that day.ut facerent secundum legem Mosi et interfecerunt eos et salvatus est sanguis innoxius in die illa
1363But Helcias, and his wife, praised God, for their daughter, Susanna, with Joakim, her husband, and all her kindred, because there was no dishonesty found in her.Chelcias autem et uxor eius laudaverunt Deum pro filia sua Susanna cum Ioachim marito eius et cognatis omnibus quia non esset inventa in ea res turpis
1364And Daniel became great in the sight of the people from that day, and thence forward.Danihel autem factus est magnus in conspectu populi a die illa et deinceps
1365And king Astyages was gathered to his fathers; and Cyrus, the Persian, received his kingdom.et rex Astyages adpositus est ad patres suos et suscepit Cyrus Perses regnum eius
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