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Judith cutteth off the head of Holofernes, and returneth to Bethulia.

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131And when it was grown late, his servants made haste to their lodgings, and Vagao shut the chamber doors, and went his way.ut autem sero factum est festinaverunt servi illius ad hospitia sua et conclusit Bagao ostia cubiculi et abiit
132And they were all overcharged with wine.erant autem omnes fatigati a vino
133And Judith was alone in the chamber.eratque Iudith sola in cubiculo
134But Holofernes lay on his bed, fast asleep, being exceedingly drunk.porro Holofernis iacebat in lecto nimia ebrietate sopitus
135And Judith spoke to her maid to stand without before the chamber, and to watch:dixitque Iudith puellae suae ut staret foras ante cubiculum et observaret
136And Judith stood before the bed praying with tears, and the motion of her lips in silence,stetitque Iudith ante lectum orans cum lacrimis et labiorum motu in silentio
137Saying: Strengthen me, O Lord God of Israel, and in this hour look on the works of my hands, that as thou hast promised, thou mayst raise up Jerusalem thy city: and that I may bring to pass that which I have purposed, having a belief that it might be done by thee.dicens confirma me Domine Deus Israhel et respice in hac hora ad opera manuum mearum ut sicut promisisti Hierusalem civitatem tuam erigas et hoc quod credens per te posse fieri cogitavi perficiam
138And when she had said this, she went to the pillar that was at his bed's head, and loosed his sword that hung tied upon it.et haec cum dixisset accessit ad columnam quae erat ad caput lectuli eius et pugionem eius qui in ea ligatus pendebat exsolvit
139And when she had drawn it out, she took him by the hair of his head, and said: Strengthen me, O Lord God, at this hour.cumque evaginasset illud adprehendit comam capitis eius et ait confirma me Domine Deus Israhel in hac hora
1310And she struck twice upon his neck, and cut off his head, and took off his canopy from the pillars, and rolled away his headless body.et percussit bis in cervicem eius et abscidit caput eius et abstulit conopeum eius a columnis et evolvit corpus eius truncum
1311And after a while she went out, and delivered the head of Holofernes to her maid, and bade her put it into her wallet.et post pusillum exivit et tradidit caput Holofernis ancillae suae et iussit ut mitteret illud in peram suam
1312And they two went out according to their custom, as it were to prayer, and they passed the camp, and having compassed the valley, they came to the gate of the city.et exierunt duae secundum consuetudinem suam quasi ad orationem et transierunt castra et gyrantes vallem venerunt ad portam civitatis
1313And Judith from afar off cried to the watchmen upon the walls: Open the gates for God is with us, who hath shewn his power in Israel.et dixit Iudith a longe custodibus murorum aperite portas quoniam nobiscum est Deus qui fecit virtutem in Israhel
1314And it came to pass, when the men had heard her voice, that they called the ancients of the city.et factum est cum audissent viri vocem eius vocaverunt presbyteros civitatis
1315And all ran to meet her from the least to the greatest: for they now had no hopes that she would come.et concurrerunt ad eam omnes a minimo usque ad maximum quoniam speraverunt eam iam non esse venturam
1316And lighting up lights they all gathered round about her: and she went up to a higher place, and commanded silence to be made. And when all had held their peace,et accendentes luminaria congyraverunt circa eam universi illa autem ascendens in eminentiori loco iussit fieri silentium cumque omnes tacuissent
1317Judith said: Praise ye the Lord our God, who hath not forsaken them that hope in him.dixit Iudith laudate Dominum Deum nostrum qui non deseruit sperantes in se
1318And by me his handmaid he hath fulfilled his mercy, which he promised to the house of Israel: and he hath killed the enemy of his people by my hand this night.et in me ancillam suam adimplevit misericordiam suam quam promisit domui Israhel et interfecit in manu mea hostem populi sui in hac nocte
1319Then she brought forth the head of Holofernes out of the wallet, and shewed it them, saying: Behold the head of Holofernes the general of the army of the Assyrians, and behold his canopy, wherein he lay in his drunkenness, where the Lord our God slew him by the hand of a woman.et proferens de pera caput Holofernis ostendit illis dicens ecce caput Holofernis principis militiae Assyriorum et ecce conopeum illius in quo recumbebat in ebrietate sua ubi et per manum feminae percussit illum Dominus Deus noster
1320But as the same Lord liveth, his angel hath been my keeper both going hence, and abiding there, and returning from thence hither: and the Lord hath not suffered me his handmaid to be defiled, but hath brought me back to you without pollution of sin, rejoicing for his victory, for my escape, and for your deliverance.vivit autem ipse Dominus quoniam custodivit me angelus eius et hinc euntem et ibi commorantem et inde huc revertentem et non permisit me ancillam suam Dominus coinquinari sed sine pollutione peccati revocavit me vobis gaudentem in victoria sua in evasione mea in liberatione vestra
1321Give all of you glory to him, because he is good, because his mercy endureth for ever.confiteamur illi omnes quoniam bonus quoniam in saeculum misericordia eius
1322And they all adored the Lord, and said to her: The Lord hath blessed thee by his power, because by thee he hath brought our enemies to nought.universi autem adorantes Dominum dixerunt ad eam benedixit te Dominus in virtute sua quia per te ad nihilum redegit inimicos nostros
1323And Ozias the prince of the people of Israel, said to her: Blessed art thou, O daughter, by the Lord the most high God, above all women upon the earth.porro Ozias princeps populi Israhel dixit ad eam benedicta es tu filia a Domino Deo excelso prae omnibus mulieribus super terram
1324Blessed be the Lord who made heaven and earth, who hath directed thee to the cutting off the head of the prince of our enemies.benedictus Dominus qui creavit caelum et terram qui te direxit in vulnere capitis principis inimicorum nostrorum
1325Because he hath so magnified thy name this day, that thy praise shall not depart out of the mouth of men who shall be mindful of the power of the Lord for ever, for that thou hast not spared thy life, by reason of the distress and tribulation of thy people, but hast prevented our ruin in the presence of our God.quia hodie nomen tuum ita magnificavit ut non recedat laus tua de ore hominum qui memores fuerint virtutis Domini in aeternum pro quibus non pepercisti animae tuae propter angustias et tribulationem generis tui sed subvenisti ruinae ante conspectum Dei nostri
1326And all the people said: So be it, so be it.et dixit omnis populus fiat fiat
1327And Achior being called for came, and Judith said to him: The God of Israel, to whom thou gavest testimony, that he revengeth himself of his enemies, he hath cut off the head of all the unbelievers this night by my hand.porro Achior vocatus venit et dixit ei Deus Israhel cui tu testimonium dedisti quod ulciscatur de inimicis suis ipse caput omnium incredulorum incidit in hac nocte in manu mea
1328And that thou mayst find that it is so, behold the head of Holofernes, who in the contempt of his pride despised the God of Israel: and threatened them with death, saying: When the people of Israel shall be taken, I will command thy sides to be pierced with a sword.ut probes quia ita est ecce caput Holofernis qui in contemptu superbiae suae Deum Israhel contempsit et tibi interitum minabatur dicens cum captus fuerit populus Israhel gladio perforari praecipiam latera tua
1329Then Achior seeing the head of Holofernes, being seized with a great fear he fell on his face upon the earth, and his soul swooned away.videns autem Achior caput Holofernis angustiatus prae pavore cecidit in faciem suam super terram et aestuavit anima eius
1330But after he had recovered his spirits he fell down at her feet, and reverenced her, and said:postea vero quam resumpto spiritu recreatus est procidit ad pedes eius et adoravit eam et dixit
1331Blessed art thou by thy God in every tabernacle of Jacob, for in every nation which shall hear thy name, the God of Israel shall be magnified on occasion of thee.benedicta tu Deo tuo in omni tabernaculo Iacob quoniam in omni gente quae audierit nomen tuum magnificabit Deum Israhel super te
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16



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