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Holofernes besiegeth Bethulia. The distress of the besieged.

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71But Holofernes on the next day gave orders to his army, to go up against Bethulia.Holofernis autem altera die praecepit exercitibus suis ut ascenderent contra Bethuliam
72Now there were in his troops a hundred and twenty thousand footmen, and two and twenty thousand horsemen, besides the preparations of those men who had been taken, and who had been brought away out of the provinces and cities of all the youth.erant autem pedites bellatorum centum viginti milia et equites viginti duo milia praeter praeparationes virorum illorum quos occupaverat captivitas et adducti fuerant de provinciis et urbibus universae iuventutis
73All these prepared themselves together to fight against the children of Israel, and they came by the hillside to the top, which looketh toward Dothain, from the place which is called Belma, unto Chelmon, which is over against Esdrelon.omnes pariter paraverunt se ad pugnam contra filios Israhel et venerunt per crepidinem montis usque ad apicem qui respicit super Dothain a loco qui dicitur Belma usque Chelmo qui est contra Hesdraelon
74But the children of Israel, when they saw the multitude of them, prostrated themselves upon the ground, putting ashes upon their heads, praying with one accord, that the God of Israel would shew his mercy upon his people.filii autem Israhel ut viderunt multitudinem illorum prostraverunt se super terram mittentes cinerem super capita sua unianimes orantes ut Deus Israhel misericordiam suam ostenderet super populum suum
75And taking their arms of war, they posted themselves at the places, which by a narrow pathway lead directly between the mountains, and they guarded them all day and night.et adsumentes arma sua bellica sederunt per loca quae angusti itineris tramitem dirigunt inter montuosa et erant custodientes ea tota die et nocte
76Now Holofernes, in going round about, found that the fountain which supplied them with water, ran through an aqueduct without the city on the south side: and he commanded their aqueduct to be cut off.porro Holofernis dum circuit per gyrum repperit quod fons qui influebat aquaeductum illorum a parte australi extra civitatem dirigeret incidi praecepit aquaeductum eorum
77Nevertheless there were springs not far from the walls, out of which they were seen secretly to draw water, to refresh themselves a little rather than to drink their fill.erant tamen non longe a muris fontes ex quibus furtim videbantur haurire aquam ad refocilandum potius quam ad potandum
78But the children of Ammon and Moab came to Holofernes, saying: The children of Israel trust not in their spears, nor in their arrows, but the mountains are their defence, and the steep hills and precipices guard them.sed filii Ammon et Moab accesserunt ad Holofernem dicentes filii Israhel non in lancea nec in sagitta confidunt sed montes defendunt illos et muniunt illos colles in praecipitio constituti
79Wherefore that thou mayst overcome them without joining battle, set guards at the springs that they may not draw water out of them, and thou shalt destroy them without sword, or at least being wearied out they will yield up their city, which they suppose, because it is situate in the mountains, to be impregnable.ut ergo sine congressione pugnae possis superare eos pone custodes fontium ut non hauriant ex eis et sine gladio interficies eos vel certe fatigati tradent civitatem suam quam putant civitatem montibus positam superari non posse
710And these words pleased Holofernes, and his officers, and he placed all round about a hundred men at every spring.et placuerunt verba haec coram Holoferne et coram omnibus satellitibus eius et constituit per gyrum centenarios per singulos fontes
711And when they had kept this watch for full twenty days, the cisterns, and the reserve of waters failed among all the inhabitants of Bethulia, so that there was not within the city, enough to satisfy them, no not for one day, for water was daily given out to the people by measure.cumque ista custodia per dies viginti fuisset expleta defecerunt cisternae et collectiones aquarum omnibus inhabitantibus in Bethuliam ita ut non esset intra civitatem unde satiarentur vel una die quoniam ad mensuram dabatur populis aqua cotidie
712Then all the men and women, young men, and children, gathering themselves together to Ozias, all together with one voice,tunc ad Oziam congregati omnes viri feminaeque iuvenes et parvuli simul omnes una voce
713Said: God be judge between us and thee, for thou hast done evil against us, in that thou wouldst not speak peaceably with the Assyrians, and for this cause God hath sold us into their hands.dixerunt iudicet Deus inter nos et te quoniam fecisti in nos mala nolentes loqui pacifice cum Assyriis et propter hoc vendidit nos Deus in manibus eorum
714And therefore there is no one to help us, while we are cast down before their eyes in thirst, and sad destruction.et ideo non est qui adiuvet cum prosternamur ante oculos eorum in siti et perditione magna
715And now assemble ye all that are in the city, that we may of our own accord yield ourselves all up to the people of Holofernes.et nunc congregate universos qui in civitate sunt ut sponte nos tradamus omnes populo Holofernis
716For it is better, that being captives we should live and bless the Lord, than that we should die, and be a reproach to all flesh, after we have seen our wives and our infants die before our eyes.melius est enim ut captivi benedicamus Deum viventes quam moriamur et simus obprobrium omni carni cum videamus uxores nostras et infantes nostros mori ante oculos nostros
717We call to witness this day heaven and earth, and the God of our fathers, who taketh vengeance upon us according to our sins, conjuring you to deliver now the city into the hand of the army of Holofernes, that our end may be short by the edge of the sword, which is made longer by the drought of thirst.contestamur hodie caelum et terram et Deum patrum nostrorum qui ulciscitur nos secundum peccata nostra ut iam tradatis civitatem in manu militiae Holofernis et sit finis noster brevis in ore gladii qui longior efficitur in ariditate sitis
718And when they had said these things, there was great weeping and lamentation of all in the assembly, and for many hours with one voice they cried to God, saying:et cum haec dixissent factus est fletus et ululatus magnus in ecclesia omnibus et per multas horas una voce clamaverunt ad Deum dicentes
719We have sinned with our fathers, we have done unjustly, we have committed iniquity:peccavimus cum patribus nostris iniuste egimus iniquitatem fecimus
720Have thou mercy on us, because thou art good, or punish our iniquities by chastising us thyself, and deliver not them that trust in thee to a people that knoweth not thee,tu quia pius es miserere nostri aut in tuo flagello vindica iniquitates nostras et noli tradere confitentes te populo qui ignorat te
721That they may not say among the Gentiles: Where is their God?ut non dicant inter gentes ubi est Deus eorum
722And when being wearied with these cries, and tired with these weepings, they held their peace,et cum fatigati his clamoribus et his fletibus lassati siluissent
723Ozias rising up all in tears, said: Be of good courage, my brethren, and let us wait these five days for mercy from the Lord.exsurgens Ozias infusus lacrimis dixit aequo animo estote fratres et hos quinque dies expectemus a Domino misericordiam
724For perhaps he will put a stop to his indignation, and will give glory to his own name.forsitan enim indignationem suam abscidet et dat gloriam nomini suo
725But if after five days be past there come no aid, we will do the things which you have spoken.si autem transactis quinque diebus non venerit adiutorium faciemus haec verba quae locuti estis
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