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Holofernes in great rage sendeth Achior to Bethulia, there to be slain with the Israelites.

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61And it came to pass when they had left off speaking, that Holofernes being in a violent passion, said to Achior:factum est autem cum cessassent loqui indignatus Holofernis vehementer dixit ad Achior
62Because thou hast prophesied unto us, saying: That the nation of Israel is defended by their God, to shew thee that there is no God, but Nabuchodonosor:quoniam prophetasti nobis dicens quod gens Israhel defendatur a Deo suo ut ostendam tibi quia non est deus nisi Nabuchodonosor
63When we shall slay them all as one man, then thou also shalt die with them by the sword of the Assyrians, and all Israel shall perish with thee:cum percusserimus eos omnes sicut hominem unum tunc et ipse cum illis Assyriorum gladio interibis et omnis Israhel tecum perditione disperiet
64And thou shalt find that Nabuchodonosor is lord of the whole earth: and then the sword of my soldiers shall pass through thy sides, and thou shalt be stabbed and fall among the wounded of Israel, and thou shalt breathe no more till thou be destroyed with them.et probabis quoniam Nabuchodonosor dominus sit universae terrae tuncque gladius militiae meae transiet per latera tua et confixus cades inter vulneratos Israhel et non respirabis ultra donec extermineris cum illis
65But if thou think thy prophecy true, let not thy countenance sink, and let the paleness that is in thy face, depart from thee, if thou imaginest these my words cannot be accomplished.porro autem si prophetiam tuam veram existimas non concidat vultus tuus et pallor qui faciem tuam obtinuit abscedat a te si verba mea haec putas impleri non posse
66And that thou mayst know that thou shalt experience these things together with them, behold from this hour thou shalt be associated to their people, that when they shall receive the punishment they deserve from my sword, thou mayst fall under the same vengeance.ut autem noveris quia simul cum illis haec experieris ecce ex hac hora illorum populo sociaberis ut dum dignas mei gladii poenas exceperint ipse simul ultioni subiaceas
67Then Holofernes commanded his servants to take Achior, and to lead him to Bethulia, and to deliver him into the hands of the children of Israel.tunc Holofernis praecepit servis suis ut conprehenderent Achior ut ducerent eum in Bethuliam et traderent eum in manu filiorum Israhel
68And the servants of Holofernes taking him, went through the plains: but when they came near the mountains, the slingers came out against them.et accipientes eum servi Holofernis profecti sunt per campestria sed cum adpropinquassent ad montana exierunt contra eos fundibalarii
69Then turning out of the way by the side of the mountain, they tied Achior to a tree hand and foot, and so left him bound with ropes, and returned to their master.illi autem divertentes a latere montis ligaverunt Achior ad arborem manibus et pedibus et sic vinctum de restibus dimiserunt eum et reversi sunt ad dominum suum
610And the children of Israel coming down from Bethulia, came to him, and loosing him they brought him to Bethulia, and setting him in the midst of the people, asked him what was the matter that the Assyrians had left him bound.porro filii Israhel descendentes de Bethulia venerunt ad eum quem solventes duxerunt ad Bethuliam atque in medio populi illum statuentes percontati sunt quid rerum esset quod illum vinctum Assyrii reliquissent
611In those days the rulers there, were Ozias the son of Micha of the tribe of Simeon, and Charmi, called also Gothoniel.in diebus illis erant illic principes Ozias filius Micha de tribu Symeon et Carmi qui et Gothonihel
612And Achior related in the midst of the ancients, and in the presence of all the people, all that he had said being asked by Holofernes: and how the people of Holofernes would have killed him for this word,in medio itaque seniorum et in conspectu omnium Achior dixit omnia quae locutus ipse fuerat ab Holoferne interrogatus et qualiter populus Holofernis voluisset propter hoc verbum interficere eum
613And how Holofernes himself being angry had commanded him to be delivered for this cause to the Israelites: that when he should overcome the children of Israel, then he might command Achior also himself to be put to death by diverse torments, for having said: The God of heaven is their defender.quemadmodum ipse Holofernis iratus iusserit eum Israhelitis hac de causa tradi ut dum vinceret filios Israhel tunc etiam ipsum Achior diversis iubeat suppliciis interire propter hoc quod dixisset Deus caeli defensor eorum est
614And when Achior had declared all these things, all the people fell upon their faces, adoring the Lord, and all of them together mourning and weeping poured out their prayers with one accord to the Lord,cumque universa Achior exposuisset omnis populus cecidit in faciem adorantes Dominum et communi lamentatione et fletu unianimes preces suas Deo effuderunt
615Saying: O Lord God of heaven and earth, behold their pride, and look on our low condition, and have regard to the face of thy saints, and shew that thou forsakest not them that trust on thee, and that thou humblest them that presume of themselves, and glory in their own strength.dicentes Domine Deus caeli et terrae intuere superbiam illorum et respice ad nostram humilitatem et faciem tuorum sanctorum adtende et ostende quia non derelinquis praesumentes de te et praesumentes de se et de sua virtute gloriantes humilias
616So when their weeping was ended, and the people's prayer, in which they continued all the day, was concluded, they comforted Achior,finito itaque fletu et per totum diem populorum oratione conpleta consolati sunt Achior
617Saying: The God of our fathers, whose power thou hast set forth, will make this return to thee, that thou rather shalt see their destruction.dicentes Deus patrum nostrorum cuius tu virtutem praedicasti ipse tibi hanc dabit vicissitudinem ut eorum magis tu interitum videas
618And when the Lord our God shall give this liberty to his servants, let God be with thee also in the midst of us: that as it shall please thee, so thou with all thine mayst converse with us.cum vero Dominus Deus noster dederit hanc libertatem servis suis sit et tecum Deus in medio nostri ut sicut placuerit tibi ita cum tuis omnibus converseris
619Then Ozias, after the assembly was broken up, received him into his house, and made him a great supper.tunc Ozias finito consilio suscepit eum in domum suam et fecit cenam magnam
620And all the ancients were invited, and they refreshed themselves together after their fast was over.et vocatis omnibus presbyteris simul expleto ieiunio refecerunt
621And afterwards all the people were called together, and they prayed all the night long within the church, desiring help of the God of Israel.postea vero convocatus omnis populus et per totam noctem intra ecclesiam oraverunt petentes auxilium a Deo Israhel
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16



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