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Cities with their suburbs are assigned for the priests and Levites.

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211Then the princes of the families of Levi came to Eleazar the priest, and to Josue the son of Nun, and to the princes of the kindreds of all the tribes of the children of Israelaccesseruntque principes familiarum Levi ad Eleazar sacerdotem et Iosue filium Nun et ad duces cognationum per singulas tribus filiorum Israhel
212And they spoke to them in Silo in the land of Chanaan, and said: The Lord commanded by the hand of Moses, that cities should be given us to dwell in, and their suburbs to feed our cattle.locutique sunt ad eos in Silo terrae Chanaan atque dixerunt Dominus praecepit per manum Mosi ut darentur nobis urbes ad habitandum et suburbana earum ad alenda iumenta
213And the children of Israel gave out of their possessions according to the commandment of the Lord, cities and their suburbs.dederuntque filii Israhel de possessionibus suis iuxta imperium Domini civitates et suburbana earum
214And the lot came out for the family of Caath of the children of Aaron the priest out of the tribes of Juda, and of Simeon, and of Benjamin, thirteen cities.egressaque est sors in familiam Caath filiorum Aaron sacerdotis de tribubus Iuda et Symeon et Beniamin civitates tredecim
215And to the rest of the children of Caath, that is, to thee Levites, who remained, out of the tribes of Ephraim, and of Dan, and the half tribe of Manasses, ten cities.et reliquis filiorum Caath id est Levitis qui superflui erant de tribubus Ephraim et Dan et dimidia tribu Manasse civitates decem
216And the lot came out to children of Gerson, that they should take of the tribes of Issachar and of Aser and of Nephtali, and of the half tribe of Manasses in Basan, thirteen cities.porro filiis Gerson egressa est sors ut acciperent de tribubus Isachar et Aser et Nepthalim dimidiaque tribu Manasse in Basan civitates numero tredecim
217And to the sons of Merari by their kindreds, of the tribes of Ruben and of Gad and of Zabulon, twelve cities.et filiis Merari per cognationes suas de tribubus Ruben et Gad et Zabulon urbes duodecim
218And the children of Israel gave to the Levites the cities and their suburbs, as the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses, giving to every one by lot.dederuntque filii Israhel Levitis civitates et suburbana earum sicut praecepit Dominus per manum Mosi singulis sorte tribuentes
219Of the tribes of the children of Juda and of Simeon Josue gave cities: whose names are these,de tribubus filiorum Iuda et Symeon dedit Iosue civitates quarum ista sunt nomina
2110To the sons of Aaron, of the families of Caath of the race of Levi (for the first lot came out for them)filiis Aaron per familias Caath levitici generis prima enim sors illis egressa est
2111The city of Arbe the father of Enac, which is called Hebron, in the mountain of Juda, and the suburbs thereof round about.Cariatharbe patris Enach quae vocatur Hebron in monte Iuda et suburbana eius per circuitum
2112But the fields and the villages thereof he had given to Caleb the son of Jephone for his possession.agros vero et villas eius dederat Chaleb filio Iepphonne ad possidendum
2113He gave therefore to the children of Aaron the priest, Hebron a city of refuge, and the suburbs thereof, and Lebna with the suburbs thereof,dedit ergo filiis Aaron sacerdotis Hebron confugii civitatem ac suburbana eius et Lebnam cum suburbanis suis
2114And Jether and Estemo,et Iether et Isthimon
2115And Holon, and Dabir,et Helon Dabir
2116And Ain, and Jeta, and Bethsames, with their suburbs: nine cities out of the two tribes, as hath been said.et Ahin et Iethan et Bethsemes cum suburbanis suis civitates novem de tribubus ut dictum est duabus
2117And out of the tribe of the children of Benjamin, Gabaon, and Gabae,de tribu autem filiorum Beniamin Gabaon et Gabee
2118And Anathoth and Almon, with, their suburbs: four cities.et Anathoth et Almon cum suburbanis suis civitates quattuor
2119All the cities together of the children of Aaron the priest, were thirteen, with their suburbs,omnes simul civitates filiorum Aaron sacerdotis tredecim cum suburbanis suis
2120And to the rest of the families of the children of Caath of the race of Levi was given this possession.reliquis vero per familias filiorum Caath levitici generis haec est data possessio
2121Of the tribe of Ephraim, Sichem one of the cities of refuge, with the suburbs thereof in mount Ephraim, and Gazer,de tribu Ephraim urbs confugii Sychem cum suburbanis suis in monte Ephraim et Gazer
2122And Cibsaim, and Beth-horon, with their suburbs, four cities.et Cebsain et Bethoron cum suburbanis suis civitates quattuor
2123And of he tribe of Dan, Eltheco and Gabathon,de tribu quoque Dan Elthece et Gebbethon
2124And Aialon and Gethremmon, with their suburbs, four cities.et Ahialon et Gethremmon cum suburbanis suis civitates quattuor
2125And of the half tribe of Manasses, Thanac and Gethremmon, with their suburbs, two cities.porro de dimidia tribu Manasse Thanach et Gethremmon cum suburbanis suis civitates duae
2126All the cities were ten, with their suburbs, which were given to the children of Caath, of the inferior degree.omnes civitates decem et suburbana earum datae sunt filiis Caath inferioris gradus
2127To the children of Gerson also of the race of Levi out of the half tribe of Manasses, Gaulon in Basan, one of the cities of refuge, and Bosra, with their suburbs, two cities.filiis quoque Gerson levitici generis dedit de dimidia tribu Manasse confugii civitatem Gaulon in Basan et Bosram cum suburbanis suis civitates duas
2128And of the tribe of Issachar, Cesion, and Dabereth,porro de tribu Isachar Cesion et Dabereth
2129And Jaramoth, and Engannim, with their suburbs, four cities.et Iaramoth et Engannim cum suburbanis suis civitates quattuor
2130And of the tribe of Aser, Masal and Abdon,de tribu autem Aser Masal et Abdon
2131And Helcath, and Rohob, with their suburbs, four cities.et Elacoth et Roob cum suburbanis suis civitates quattuor
2132Of the tribe also of Nephtali, Cedes in Galilee, one of the cities of refuge: and Hammoth Dor, and Carthan, with their suburbs, three cities.de tribu quoque Nepthali civitatem confugii Cedes in Galilea et Ammothdor et Charthan cum suburbanis suis civitates tres
2133All the cities of the families of Gerson, were thirteen, with their suburbs.omnes urbes familiarum Gerson tredecim cum suburbanis suis
2134And to the children of Merari, Levites of the inferior degree, by their families were given of the tribe of Zabulon, Jecnam and Cartha,filiis autem Merari Levitis inferioris gradus per familias suas data est de tribu Zabulon Iechenam et Chartha
2135And Damna and Naalol, four cities with their suburbs.et Damna et Nalol civitates quattuor cum suburbanis suis
2136Of the tribe of Ruben beyond the Jordan over against Jericho, Bosor in the wilderness, one of the cities of refuge, Misor and Jaser and Jethson and Mephaath, four cities with their suburbs.[de tribu quoque Ruben ciuitates confugii Bosor in solitudine et Cedson et Misor et Ocho ciuitates quattuor cum suburbanis suis]
2137Of the tribe of Gad, Ramoth in Galaad, one of the cities of refuge, and Manaim and Hesebon and Jaser, four cities with their suburbs,et de tribu Gad civitates confugii Ramoth in Galaad et Manaim et Esebon et Iazer civitates quattuor cum suburbanis suis
2138All the cities of the children of Merari by their families and kindreds, were twelve.omnes urbes filiorum Merari per familias et cognationes suas duodecim
2139So all the cities of the Levites within the possession of the children of Israel were forty-eight,itaque universae civitates Levitarum in medio possessionis filiorum Israhel fuerunt quadraginta octo
2140With their suburbs, each distributed by the families.cum suburbanis suis singulae per familias distributae
2141And the Lord God gave to Israel all the land that he had sworn to give to their fathers: and they possessed it, and dwelt in it.deditque Dominus Israheli omnem terram quam traditurum se patribus eorum iuraverat et possederunt illam atque habitaverunt in ea
2142And he gave them peace from all nations round about: and none of their enemies durst stand against them, but were brought under their dominion.dataque est ab eo pax in omnes per circuitum nationes nullusque eis hostium resistere ausus est sed cuncti in eorum dicionem redacti sunt
2143Not so much as one word, which he had promised to perform unto them, was made void, but all came to pass.ne unum quidem verbum quod illis praestaturum se esse promiserat irritum fuit sed rebus expleta sunt omnia
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