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The twelve captains for every month; the twelve princes of the tribes. David's several officers.

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271Now the children of Israel according to their number, the heads of families, captains of thousands and of hundreds, and officers, that served the king according to their companies, who came in and went out every month in the year, under every chief were four and twenty thousand.filii autem Israhel secundum numerum suum principes familiarum tribuni et centuriones et praefecti qui ministrabant regi iuxta turmas suas ingredientes et egredientes per singulos menses in anno viginti quattuor milibus singuli praeerant
272Over the first company the first month Jesboam, the son of Zabdiel was chief, and under him were four and twenty thousand.primae turmae in primo mense Isboam praeerat filius Zabdihel et sub eo viginti quattuor milia
273Of the sons of Phares, the chief of all the captains in the host in the first month.de filiis Phares princeps cunctorum principum in exercitu mense primo
274The company of the second month was under Dudia, an Ahohite, and after him was another named Macelloth, who commanded a part of the army of four and twenty thousand.secundi mensis habebat turmam Dudi Ahohites et post se alterum nomine Macelloth qui regebat partem exercitus viginti quattuor milium
275And the captain of the third company for the third month, was Banaias the son of Joiada the priest: and in his division were four and twenty thousand.dux quoque turmae tertiae in mense tertio erat Banaias filius Ioiadae sacerdos et in divisione sua viginti quattuor milia
276This is that Banaias the most valiant among the thirty, and above the thirty. And Amizabad his son commanded his company.ipse est Banaias fortissimus inter triginta et super triginta praeerat autem turmae ipsius Amizabad filius eius
277The fourth, for the fourth month, was Asahel the brother of Joab, and Zabadias his son after him: and in his company were four and twenty thousand.quartus mense quarto Asahel frater Ioab et Zabadias filius eius post eum et in turma eius viginti quattuor milia
278The fifth captain for the fifth month, was Samaoth a Jezerite: and his company were four and twenty thousand.quintus mense quinto princeps Samaoth Iezarites et in turma eius viginti quattuor milia
279The sixth, for the sixth month, was Hira the son of Acces a Thecuite: and in his company were four and twenty thousand.sextus mense sexto Hira filius Acces Thecuites et in turma eius viginti quattuor milia
2710The seventh, for the seventh month, was Helles a Phallonite of the sons of Ephraim: and in his company were four and twenty thousand.septimus mense septimo Helles Phallonites de filiis Ephraim et in turma eius viginti quattuor milia
2711The eighth, for the eighth month, was Sobochai a Husathite of the race of Zarahi: and in his company were four and twenty thousand.octavus mense octavo Sobochai Asothites de stirpe Zarai et in turma eius viginti quattuor milia
2712The ninth, for the ninth month, was Abiezer an Anathothite of the sons of Jemini, and in his company were four and twenty thousand.nonus mense nono Abiezer Anathothites de filiis Iemini et in turma eius viginti quattuor milia
2713The tenth, for the tenth month, was Marai, who was a Netophathite of the race of Zarai: and in his company were four and twenty thousand.decimus mense decimo Marai et ipse Netophathites de stirpe Zarai et in turma eius viginti quattuor milia
2714The eleventh, for the eleventh month, was Banaias, a Pharathonite of the sons of Ephraim: and in his company were four and twenty thousand.undecimus mense undecimo Banaias Pharathonites de filiis Ephraim et in turma eius viginti quattuor milia
2715The twelfth, for the twelfth month, was Holdai a Netophathite, of the race of Gothoniel: and in his company were four and twenty thousand.duodecimus mense duodecimo Holdai Netophathites de stirpe Gothonihel et in turma eius viginti quattuor milia
2716Now the chiefs over the tribes of Israel were these: over the Rubenites, Eliezer the son of Zechri was ruler: over the Simeonites, Saphatias the son of Maacha:porro tribubus praeerant Israhel Rubenitis dux Eliezer filius Zechri Symeonitis dux Saphatias filius Macha
2717Over the Levites, Hasabias the son of Camuel: over the Aaronites, Sadoc:Levitis Asabias filius Camuhel Aaronitis Sadoc
2718Over Juda, Eliu the brother of David over Issachar, Amri the son of Michael:Iuda Heliu frater David Isachar Amri filius Michahel
2719Over the Zabulonites, Jesmaias the son of Adias: over the Nephtalites, Jerimoth the son of Ozriel:Zabulonitis Iesmaias filius Abdiae Nepthalitibus Ierimoth filius Ozihel
2720Over the sons of Ephraim, Osee the son of Ozaziu: over the half tribe of Manasses, Joel the son of Phadaia:filiis Ephraim Osee filius Ozaziu dimidio tribus Manasse Iohel filius Phadiae
2721And over the half tribe of Manasses in Galaad, Jaddo the son of Zacharias: and over Benjamin, Jasiel the son of Abner.et dimidio tribus Manasse in Galaad Iaddo filius Zacchariae Beniamin autem Iasihel filius Abner
2722And over Dan, Ezrihel the son of Jeroham: these were the princes of the children of Israel.Dan vero Ezrihel filius Hieroam hii principes filiorum Israhel
2723But David would not number them from twenty years old and under: because the lord had said that he would multiply Israel like the stars of heaven.noluit autem David numerare eos a viginti annis inferius quia dixerat Dominus ut multiplicaret Israhel quasi stellas caeli
2724Joab the son of Sarvia began to number, but he finished not: because upon this there fell wrath upon Israel: and therefore the number of them that were numbered, was not registered in the chronicles of king David.Ioab filius Sarviae coeperat numerare nec conplevit quia super hoc ira inruerat in Israhel et idcirco numerus eorum qui fuerant recensiti non est relatus in fastos regis David
2725And over the king's treasures was Azmoth the son of Adiel: and over those stores which were in the cities, and in the villages, and, in the castles, was Jonathan the son of Ozias.super thesauros autem regis fuit Azmoth filius Adihel his autem thesauris qui erant in urbibus et in vicis et in turribus praesidebat Ionathan filius Oziae
2726And over the tillage, and the husbandmen, who tilled the ground, was Ezri the son of Chelub:operi autem rustico et agricolis qui exercebant terram praeerat Ezri filius Chelub
2727And over the dressers of the vine yards, was Semeias a Romathite: and over the wine cellars, Zabdias an Aphonite.vinearumque cultoribus Semeias Ramathites cellis autem vinariis Zabdias Aphonites
2728And over the oliveyards and the fig groves, which were in the plains, was Balanam a Gederite: and over the oil cellars, Joas.nam super oliveta et ficeta quae erant in campestribus Balanan Gaderites super apothecas autem olei Ioas
2729And over the herds that fed in Saron, was Setrai a Saronite: and over the oxen in the valleys, Saphat the son of Adli:porro armentis quae pascebantur in Sarona praepositus fuit Setrai Saronites et super boves in vallibus Saphat filius Adli
2730And over the camels, Ubil an Ishmahelite and over the asses, Jadias a Meronathite:super camelos vero Ubil Ismahelites et super asinos Iadias Meronathites
2731And over the sheep Jaziz an Agarene. All these were the rulers of the substance of king David.super oves quoque Iaziz Agarenus omnes hii principes substantiae regis David
2732And Jonathan David's uncle, a counsellor, a wise and learned man: he and Jahiel the son of Hachamoni were with the king's sons.Ionathan autem patruus David consiliarius vir prudens et litteratus ipse et Iaihel filius Achamoni erant cum filiis regis
2733And Achitophel was the king's counsellor, and Chusai the Arachite, the king's friend.Ahitophel etiam consiliarius regis et Husi Arachites amicus regis
2734And after Achitophel was Joiada the son of Banaias, and Abiathar. And the general of the king's army was Joab.post Ahitophel fuit Ioiada filius Banaiae et Abiathar princeps autem exercitus regis erat Ioab
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29



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