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Genealogies of Ruben and Gad: their victories over the Agarites: their captivity.

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51Now the sons of Ruben the firstborn of Israel, (for he was his firstborn: but forasmuch as he defiled his father's bed, his first birthright was given to the sons of Joseph the son of Israel, and he was not accounted for the firstborn.filii quoque Ruben primogeniti Israhel ipse quippe fuit primogenitus eius sed cum violasset torum patris sui data sunt primogenita eius filiis Ioseph filii Israhel et non est ille reputatus in primogenitum
52But of the race of Juda, who was the strongest among his brethren, came the princes: but the first birthright was accounted to Joseph.)porro Iudas qui erat fortissimus inter fratres suos de stirpe eius principes germinati sunt primogenita autem reputata sunt Ioseph
53The sons then of Ruben the firstborn of Israel were Enoch, and Phallu, Esron, and Charmi.filii ergo Ruben primogeniti Israhel Enoch et Phallu Esrom et Charmi
54The sons of Joel: Samaia his son, Gog his son, Semei his son,filii Iohel Samaia filius eius Gog filius eius Semei filius eius
55Micha his son, Reia his son, Baal his son,Micha filius eius Reeia filius eius Baal filius eius
56Beera his son, whom Thelgathphalnasar king of the Assyrians carried away captive, and he was prince in the tribe of Ruben.Beera filius eius quem captivum duxit Theglathphalnasar rex Assyriorum et fuit princeps in tribu Ruben
57And his brethren, and all his kindred, when they were numbered by their families, had for princes Jehiel, and Zacharias.fratres autem eius et universa cognatio quando numerabantur per familias suas habuerunt principes Ieihel et Zacchariam
58And Bala the son of Azaz, the son of Samma, the son of Joel, dwelt in Aroer as far as Nebo, and Beelmeon.porro Bala filius Azaz filii Samma filii Iohel ipse habitavit in Aroer usque ad Nebo et Beelmeon
59And eastward he had his habitation as far as the entrance of the desert, and the river Euphrates. For they possessed a great number of cattle in the land of Galaad.contra orientalem quoque plagam habitavit usque ad introitum heremi et flumen Eufraten multum quippe iumentorum numerum possidebat in terra Galaad
510And in the days of Saul they fought against the Agarites, and slew them, and dwelt in their tents in their stead, in all the country, that looketh to the east of Galaad.in diebus autem Saul proeliati sunt contra Agareos et interfecerunt illos habitaveruntque pro eis in tabernaculis eorum in omni plaga quae respicit ad orientem Galaad
511And the children of Gad dwelt over against them in the land of Basan, as far as Selcha:filii vero Gad e regione eorum habitaverunt in terra Basan usque Selcha
512Johel the chief, and Saphan the second: and Janai, and Saphat in Basan.Iohel in capite et Saphan secundus Ianai autem et Saphat in Basan
513And their brethren according to the houses of their kindreds, were Michael and Mosollam, and Sebe, and Jorai, and Jacan, and Zie, and Heber, seven.fratres vero eorum secundum domos cognationum suarum Michahel et Mosollam et Sebe et Iori et Iachan et Zie et Heber septem
514These were the sons of Abihail, the son of Huri, the son of Jara, the son of Galaad, the son of Michael, the son of Jesisi, the son of Jeddo, the son of Buz.hii filii Abiahil filii Uri filii Iaro filii Galaad filii Michahel filii Iesesi filii Ieddo filii Buz
515And their brethren the sons of Abdiel, the son of Guni, chief of the house in their families,fratres quoque filii Abdihel filii Guni princeps domus in familiis suis
516And they dwelt in Galaad, and in Basan and in the towns thereof, and in all the suburbs of Saron, unto the borders.et habitaverunt in Galaad et in Basan et in viculis eius et in cunctis suburbanis Saron usque ad terminos
517All these were numbered in the days of Joathan king of Juda, and in the days of Jeroboam king of Israel.omnes hii numerati sunt in diebus Ioatham regis Iuda et in diebus Hieroboam regis Israhel
518The Sons of Ruben, and of Gad, and of the half tribe of Manasses, fighting men, bearing shields, and swords, and bending the bow, and trained up to battles, four and forty thousand seven hundred and threescore that went out to war.filii Ruben et Gad et dimidiae tribus Manasse viri bellatores scuta portantes et gladios et tendentes arcum eruditique ad proelia quadraginta quattuor milia et septingenti sexaginta procedentes ad pugnam
519They fought against the Agarites: but the Itureans, and Naphis, and Nodab,dimicaverunt contra Agarenos Iturei vero et Naphei et Nodab
520Gave them help. And the Agarites were delivered into their hands, and all that were with them, because they called upon God in the battle: and he heard them, because they had put their faith in him.praebuerunt eis auxilium traditique sunt in manus eorum Agareni et universi qui fuerant cum eis quia Deum invocaverunt cum proeliarentur et exaudivit eos eo quod credidissent in eum
521And they took all that they possessed, of camels fifty thousand, and of sheep two hundred and fifty thousand, and of asses two thousand, and of men a hundred thousand souls.ceperuntque omnia quae possederant camelorum quinquaginta milia et ovium ducenta quinquaginta milia asinos duo milia et animas hominum centum milia
522And many fell down slain: for it was the battle of the Lord. And they dwelt in their stead till the captivity.vulnerati autem multi corruerunt fuit enim bellum Domini habitaveruntque pro eis usque ad transmigrationem
523And the children of the half tribe of Manasses possessed the land, from the borders of Basan unto Baal, Hermon, and Sanir, and mount Hermon, for their number was great.filii quoque dimidiae tribus Manasse possederunt terram a finibus Basan usque Baalhermon et Sanir et montem Hermon ingens quippe numerus erat
524And these were the heads of the house of their kindred, Epher, and Jesi, and Eliel, and Esriel, and Jeremia, and Odoia, and Jediel, most valiant and powerful men, and famous chiefs in their families.et hii fuerunt principes domus cognationis eorum Epher et Iesi et Helihel Ezrihel et Hieremia et Odoia et Iedihel viri fortissimi et potentes et nominati duces in familiis suis
525But they forsook the God of their fathers, and went astray after the gods of the people of the land, whom God destroyed before them.reliquerunt autem Deum patrum suorum et fornicati sunt post deos populorum terrae quos abstulit Dominus coram eis
526And the God of Israel stirred up the spirit of Phul king of the Assyrians. and the spirit of Thelgathphalnasar king of Assur: and he carried away Ruben, and Gad, and the half tribe of Manasses, and brought them to Lahela, and to Habor, and to Ara, and to the river of Gozan, unto this day.et suscitavit Deus Israhel spiritum Ful regis Assyriorum et spiritum Theglathphalnasar regis Assur et transtulit Ruben et Gad et dimidium tribus Manasse et adduxit eos in Alae et Abor et Ara et fluvium Gozan usque ad diem hanc
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