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Dina is ravished, for which the Sichemites are destroyed.

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341And Dina the daughter of Lia went out to see the women of that country.egressa est autem Dina filia Liae ut videret mulieres regionis illius
342And when Sichem the son of Hemor the Hevite, the prince of that land, saw her, he was in love with her: and took her away, and lay with her, ravishing the virgin.quam cum vidisset Sychem filius Emor Evei princeps terrae illius adamavit et rapuit et dormivit cum illa vi opprimens virginem
343And his soul was fast knit unto her; and whereas she was sad, he comforted her with sweet words.et conglutinata est anima eius cum ea tristemque blanditiis delinivit
344And going to Hemor his father, he said: Get me this damsel to wife.et pergens ad Emor patrem suum accipe mihi inquit puellam hanc coniugem
345But when Jacob had heard this, his sons being absent, and employed in feeding the cattle, he held his peace till they came back.quod cum audisset Iacob absentibus filiis et in pastu occupatis pecorum siluit donec redirent
346And when Hemor the father of Sichem was come out to speak to Jacob,egresso autem Emor patre Sychem ut loqueretur ad Iacob
347Behold his sons came from the field: and hearing what had passed, they were exceeding angry, because he had done a foul thing in Israel, and committed an unlawful act, in ravishing Jacob's daughter.ecce filii eius veniebant de agro auditoque quod acciderat irati sunt valde eo quod foedam rem esset operatus in Israhel et violata filia Iacob rem inlicitam perpetrasset
348And Hemor spoke to them: The soul of my son Sichem has a longing for your daughter: give her him to wife:locutus est itaque Emor ad eos Sychem filii mei adhesit anima filiae vestrae date eam illi uxorem
349And let us contract marriages one with another: give us your daughters, and take you our daughters.et iungamus vicissim conubia filias vestras tradite nobis et filias nostras accipite
3410And dwell with us: the land is at your command, till, trade, and possess it.et habitate nobiscum terra in potestate vestra est exercete negotiamini et possidete eam
3411Sichem also said to her father and to her brethren: Let me find favour in your sight, and whatsoever you shall appoint I will give:sed et Sychem ad patrem et ad fratres eius ait inveniam gratiam coram vobis et quaecumque statueritis dabo
3412Raise the dowry, and ask gifts, and I will gladly give what you shall demand: only give me this damsel to wife.augete dotem munera postulate libens tribuam quod petieritis tantum date mihi puellam hanc uxorem
3413The sons of Jacob answered Sichem and his father deceitfully, being enraged at the deflowering of their sister:responderunt filii Iacob Sychem et patri eius in dolo saevientes ob stuprum sororis
3414We cannot do what you demand, nor give our sister to one that is uncircumcised; which with us is unlawful and abominable.non possumus facere quod petitis nec dare sororem nostram homini incircumciso quod inlicitum et nefarium est apud nos
3415But in this we may be allied with you, if you will be like us, and all the male sex among you be circumcised:sed in hoc valebimus foederari si esse volueritis nostri similes et circumcidatur in vobis omne masculini sexus
3416Then will we mutually give and take your daughters, and ours; and we will dwell with you, and will be one people:tunc dabimus et accipiemus mutuo filias nostras ac vestras et habitabimus vobiscum erimusque unus populus
3417But if you will not be circumcised, we will take our daughter and depart.sin autem circumcidi nolueritis tollemus filiam nostram et recedemus
3418Their offer pleased Hemor, and Sichem, his son:placuit oblatio eorum Emor et Sychem filio eius
3419And the young man made no delay, but forthwith fulfilled what was required: for he loved the damsel exceedingly, and he was the greatest man in all his father's house.nec distulit adulescens quin statim quod petebatur expleret amabat enim puellam valde et ipse erat inclitus in omni domo patris sui
3420And going into the gate of the city, they spoke to the people:ingressique portam urbis locuti sunt populo
3421These men are peaceable, and are willing to dwell with us: let them trade in the land, and till it, which being large and wide wanteth men to till it: we shall take their daughters for wives, and we will give them ours.viri isti pacifici sunt et volunt habitare nobiscum negotientur in terra et exerceant eam quae spatiosa et lata cultoribus indiget filias eorum accipiemus uxores et nostras illis dabimus
3422One thing there is for which so great a good is deferred: We must circumcise every male among us, following the manner of the nation.unum est quod differtur tantum bonum si circumcidamus masculos nostros ritum gentis imitantes
3423And their substance, and cattle, and all that they possess, shall be ours; only in this let us condescend, and by dwelling together, we shall make one people.et substantia eorum et pecora et cuncta quae possident nostra erunt tantum in hoc adquiescamus et habitantes simul unum efficiemus populum
3424And they all agreed, and circumcised all the males.adsensi sunt omnes circumcisis cunctis maribus
3425And behold the third day, when the pain of the wound was greatest: two of the sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, the brothers of Dina, taking their swords, entered boldly into the city and slew all the men.et ecce die tertio quando gravissimus vulnerum dolor est arreptis duo Iacob filii Symeon et Levi fratres Dinae gladiis ingressi sunt urbem confidenter interfectisque omnibus masculis
3426And they killed also Hemor and Sichem, and took away their sister Dina out of Sichem's house.Emor et Sychem pariter necaverunt tollentes Dinam de domo Sychem sororem suam
3427And when they were gone out, the other sons of Jacob came upon the slain; and plundered the city in revenge of the rape.quibus egressis inruerunt super occisos ceteri filii Iacob et depopulati sunt urbem in ultionem stupri
3428And they took their sheep, and their herds, and their asses, wasting all they had in their houses and in their fields.oves eorum et armenta et asinos cunctaque vastantes quae in domibus et in agris erant
3429And their children and wives they took captive.parvulos quoque et uxores eorum duxere captivas
3430And when they had boldly perpetrated these things, Jacob said to Simeon and Levi: You have troubled me, and made me hateful to the Chanaanites and Pherezites, the inhabitants of this land. We are few: they will gather themselves together and kill me; and both I, and my house shall be destroyed.quibus patratis audacter Iacob dixit ad Symeon et Levi turbastis me et odiosum fecistis Chananeis et Ferezeis habitatoribus terrae huius nos pauci sumus illi congregati percutient me et delebor ego et domus mea
3431They answered: Should they abuse our sister as a strumpet?responderunt numquid ut scorto abuti debuere sorore nostra
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