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Joseph maketh himself known to his brethren: and sendeth for his father.

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451Joseph could no longer refrain himself before many that stood by: whereupon he commanded that all should go out, and no stranger be present at their knowing one another.non se poterat ultra cohibere Ioseph multis coram adstantibus unde praecepit ut egrederentur cuncti foras et nullus interesset alienus agnitioni mutuae
452And he lifted up his voice with weeping, which the Egyptians, and all the house of Pharao heard.elevavitque vocem cum fletu quam audierunt Aegyptii omnisque domus Pharaonis
453And he said to his brethren: I am Joseph: Is my father yet living? His brethren could not answer him, being struck with exceeding great fear.et dixit fratribus suis ego sum Ioseph adhuc pater meus vivit nec poterant respondere fratres nimio timore perterriti
454And he said mildly to them: Come nearer to me. And when they were come near him, he said: I am Joseph, your brother, whom you sold into Egypt.ad quos ille clementer accedite inquit ad me et cum accessissent prope ego sum ait Ioseph frater vester quem vendidistis in Aegypto
455Be not afraid, and let it not seem to you a hard case that you sold me into these countries: for God sent me before you into Egypt for your preservation.nolite pavere nec vobis durum esse videatur quod vendidistis me in his regionibus pro salute enim vestra misit me Deus ante vos in Aegyptum
456For it is two years since the famine began to be upon the land, and five years more remain, wherein there can be neither ploughing nor reaping.biennium est quod fames esse coepit in terra et adhuc quinque anni restant quibus nec arari poterit nec meti
457And God sent me before, that you may be preserved upon the earth, and may have food to live.praemisitque me Deus ut reservemini super terram et escas ad vivendum habere possitis
458Not by your counsel was I sent hither, but by the will of God: who hath made me as it were a father to Pharao, and lord of his whole house, and governor in all the land of Egypt.non vestro consilio sed Dei huc voluntate missus sum qui fecit me quasi patrem Pharaonis et dominum universae domus eius ac principem in omni terra Aegypti
459Make haste, and go ye up to my father, and say to him: Thus saith thy son Joseph: God hath made me lord of the whole land of Egypt; come down to me, linger not.festinate et ascendite ad patrem meum et dicetis ei haec mandat filius tuus Ioseph Deus me fecit dominum universae terrae Aegypti descende ad me ne moreris
4510And thou shalt dwell in the land of Gessen: and thou shalt be near me, thou and thy sons, and thy sons' sons, thy sheep, and thy herds, and all things that thou hast.et habita in terra Gessen erisque iuxta me tu et filii tui et filii filiorum tuorum oves tuae et armenta tua et universa quae possides
4511And there I will feed thee, (for there are yet five years of famine remaining) lest both thou perish, and thy house, and all things that thou hast.ibique te pascam adhuc enim quinque anni residui sunt famis ne et tu pereas et domus tua et omnia quae possides
4512Behold, your eyes, and the eyes of my brother Benjamin, see that it is my mouth that speaketh to you.en oculi vestri et oculi fratris mei Beniamin vident quod os meum loquatur ad vos
4513You shall tell my father of all my glory, and all things that you have seen in Egypt: make haste and bring him to me.nuntiate patri meo universam gloriam meam et cuncta quae vidistis in Aegypto festinate et adducite eum ad me
4514And falling upon the neck of his brother Benjamin, he embraced him and wept: and Benjamin in like manner wept also on his neck.cumque amplexatus recidisset in collum Beniamin fratris sui flevit illo quoque flente similiter super collum eius
4515And Joseph kissed all his brethren, and wept upon every one of them: after which they were emboldened to speak to him.osculatusque est Ioseph omnes fratres suos et ploravit super singulos post quae ausi sunt loqui ad eum
4516And it was heard, and the fame was spread abroad in the king's court: The brethren of Joseph are come; and Pharao with all his family was glad.auditumque est et celebri sermone vulgatum in aula regis venerunt fratres Ioseph et gavisus est Pharao atque omnis familia eius
4517And he spoke to Joseph that he should give orders to his brethren, saying: Load your beasts, and go into the land of Chanaan,dixitque ad Ioseph ut imperaret fratribus suis dicens onerantes iumenta ite in terram Chanaan
4518And bring away from thence your father and kindred, and come to me; and I will give you all the good things of Egypt, that you may eat the marrow of the land.et tollite inde patrem vestrum et cognationem et venite ad me et ego dabo vobis omnia bona Aegypti ut comedatis medullam terrae
4519Give orders also that they take wagons out of the land of Egypt, for the carriage of their children and their wives; and say: Take up your father, and make haste to come with all speed:praecipe etiam ut tollant plaustra de terra Aegypti ad subvectionem parvulorum suorum et coniugum ac dicito tollite patrem vestrum et properate quantocius venientes
4520And leave nothing of your household stuff; for all the riches of Egypt shall be yours.ne dimittatis quicquam de supellectili vestra quia omnes opes Aegypti vestrae erunt
4521And the sons of Israel did as they were bid. And Joseph gave them wagons according to Pharao's commandment: and provisions for the way.fecerunt filii Israhel ut eis mandatum fuerat quibus dedit Ioseph plaustra secundum Pharaonis imperium et cibaria in itinere
4522He ordered also to be brought out for every one of them two robes: but to Benjamin he gave three hundred pieces of silver, with five robes of the best:singulisque proferri iussit binas stolas Beniamin vero dedit trecentos argenteos cum quinque stolis optimis
4523Sending to his father as much money and raiment; adding besides, ten he-asses, to carry off all the riches of Egypt, and as many she-asses, carrying wheat and bread for the journey.tantundem pecuniae et vestium mittens patri suo addens eis asinos decem qui subveherent ex omnibus divitiis Aegypti et totidem asinas triticum in itinere panesque portantes
4524So he sent away his brethren, and at their departing said to them: Be not angry in the way.dimisit ergo fratres suos et proficiscentibus ait ne irascamini in via
4525And they went up out of Egypt, and came into the land of Chanaan, to their father Jacob.qui ascendentes ex Aegypto venerunt in terram Chanaan ad patrem suum Iacob
4526And they told him, saying: Joseph, thy son, is living; and he is ruler in all the land of Egypt. Which when Jacob heard, he awaked as it were out of a deep sleep, yet did not believe them.et nuntiaverunt ei dicentes Ioseph vivit et ipse dominatur in omni terra Aegypti quo audito quasi de gravi somno evigilans tamen non credebat eis
4527They, on the other side, told the whole order of the thing. And when he saw the wagons, and all that he had sent, his spirit revived,illi contra referebant omnem ordinem rei cumque vidisset plaustra et universa quae miserat revixit spiritus eius
4528And he said: It is enough for me if Joseph, my son, be yet living: I will go and see him before I die.et ait sufficit mihi si adhuc Ioseph filius meus vivit vadam et videbo illum antequam moriar
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