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Jacob and his sons are presented before Pharao: he giveth them the land of Gessen. The famine forceth the Egyptians to sell all their possessions to the king.

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471Then Joseph went in and told Pharao, saying: My father and brethren, their sheep and their herds, and all that they possess, are come out of the land of Chanaan: and behold they stay in the land of Gessen.ingressus ergo Ioseph nuntiavit Pharaoni dicens pater meus et fratres oves eorum et armenta et cuncta quae possident venerunt de terra Chanaan et ecce consistunt in terra Gessen
472Five men also, the last of his brethren, he presented before the king:extremos quoque fratrum suorum quinque viros statuit coram rege
473And he asked them: What is your occupation? They answered: We, thy servants, are shepherds, both we and our fathers.quos ille interrogavit quid habetis operis responderunt pastores ovium sumus servi tui et nos et patres nostri
474We are come to sojourn in thy land, because there is no grass for the flocks of thy servants, the famine being very grievous in the land of Chanaan: and we pray thee to give orders that we thy servants may be in the land of Gessen.ad peregrinandum in terra tua venimus quoniam non est herba gregibus servorum tuorum ingravescente fame in regione Chanaan petimusque ut esse nos iubeas servos tuos in terra Gessen
475The king therefore said to Joseph: Thy father and thy brethren are come to thee.dixit itaque rex ad Ioseph pater tuus et fratres tui venerunt ad te
476The land of Egypt is before thee: and make them dwell in the best place, and give them the land of Gessen. And if thou knowest that there are industrious men among them, make them rulers over my cattle.terra Aegypti in conspectu tuo est in optimo loco fac habitare eos et trade eis terram Gessen quod si nosti esse in eis viros industrios constitue illos magistros pecorum meorum
477After this Joseph brought in his father to the king, and presented him before him: and he blessed him.post haec introduxit Ioseph patrem suum ad regem et statuit eum coram eo qui benedicens illi
478And being asked by him: How many are the days of the years of thy life?et interrogatus ab eo quot sunt dies annorum vitae tuae
479He answered: The days of my pilgrimage are a hundred and thirty years, few, and evil, and they are not come up to the days of the pilgrimage of my fathers.respondit dies peregrinationis vitae meae centum triginta annorum sunt parvi et mali et non pervenerunt usque ad dies patrum meorum quibus peregrinati sunt
4710And blessing the king, he went out.et benedicto rege egressus est foras
4711But Joseph gave a possession to his father and his brethren in Egypt, in the best place of the land, in Ramesses, as Pharao had commanded.Ioseph vero patri et fratribus suis dedit possessionem in Aegypto in optimo loco terrae solo Ramesses ut praeceperat Pharao
4712And he nourished them, and all his father's house, allowing food to every one.et alebat eos omnemque domum patris sui praebens cibaria singulis
4713For in the whole world there was want of bread, and a famine had oppressed the land, more especially of Egypt and Chanaan;in toto enim orbe panis deerat et oppresserat fames terram maxime Aegypti et Chanaan
4714Out of which he gathered up all the money for the corn which they bought, and brought it in to the king's treasure.e quibus omnem pecuniam congregavit pro venditione frumenti et intulit eam in aerarium regis
4715And when the buyers wanted money, all Egypt came to Joseph, saying: Give us bread: why should we die in thy presence, having now no money?cumque defecisset emptoris pretium venit cuncta Aegyptus ad Ioseph dicens da nobis panes quare morimur coram te deficiente pecunia
4716And he answered them: Bring me your cattle, and for them I will give you food, if you have no money.quibus ille respondit adducite pecora vestra et dabo vobis pro eis cibos si pretium non habetis
4717And when they had brought them, he gave them food in exchange for their horses, and sheep, and oxen, and asses: and he maintained them that year for the exchange of their cattle.quae cum adduxissent dedit eis alimenta pro equis et ovibus et bubus et asinis sustentavitque eos illo anno pro commutatione pecorum
4718And they came the second year, and said to him: We will not hide from our lord, how that our money is spent, and our cattle also are gone: neither art thou ignorant that we have nothing now left but our bodies and our lands.veneruntque anno secundo et dixerunt ei non celamus dominum nostrum quod deficiente pecunia pecora simul defecerint nec clam te est quod absque corporibus et terra nihil habeamus
4719Why therefore shall we die before thy eyes? we will be thine, both we and our lands: buy us to be the king's servants, and give us seed, lest for want of tillers the land be turned into a wilderness.cur ergo morimur te vidente et nos et terra nostra tui erimus eme nos in servitutem regiam et praebe semina ne pereunte cultore redigatur terra in solitudinem
4720So Joseph bought all the land of Egypt, every man selling his possessions, because of the greatness of the famine. And he brought it into Pharao's hands:emit igitur Ioseph omnem terram Aegypti vendentibus singulis possessiones suas prae magnitudine famis subiecitque eam Pharaoni
4721And all its people from one end of the borders of Egypt, even to the other end thereof,et cunctos populos eius a novissimis terminis Aegypti usque ad extremos fines eius
4722Except the land of the priests, which had been given them by the king: to whom also a certain allowance of food was given out of the public stores, and therefore they were not forced to sell their possessions.praeter terram sacerdotum quae a rege tradita fuerat eis quibus et statuta cibaria ex horreis publicis praebebantur et idcirco non sunt conpulsi vendere possessiones suas
4723Then Joseph said to the people: Behold, as you see, both you and your lands belong to Pharao; take seed and sow the fields,dixit ergo Ioseph ad populos en ut cernitis et vos et terram vestram Pharao possidet accipite semina et serite agros
4724That you may have corn. The fifth part you shall give to the king; the other four you shall have for seed, and for food for your families and children.ut fruges habere possitis quintam partem regi dabitis quattuor reliquas permitto vobis in sementem et in cibos famulis et liberis vestris
4725And they answered: our life is in thy hand; only let my lord look favourably upon us, and we will gladly serve the king.qui responderunt salus nostra in manu tua est respiciat nos tantum dominus noster et laeti serviemus regi
4726From that time unto this day, in the whole land of Egypt, the fifth part is paid to the kings, and it is become as a law, except the land of the priests, which was free from this covenant.ex eo tempore usque in praesentem diem in universa terra Aegypti regibus quinta pars solvitur et factum est quasi in legem absque terra sacerdotali quae libera ab hac condicione fuit
4727So Israel dwelt in Egypt, that is, in the land of Gessen, and possessed it; and grew, and was multiplied exceedingly.habitavit ergo Israhel in Aegypto id est in terra Gessen et possedit eam auctusque est et multiplicatus nimis
4728And he lived in it seventeen years: and all the days of his life came to a hundred and forty-seven years.et vixit in ea decem et septem annis factique sunt omnes dies vitae illius centum quadraginta septem annorum
4729And when he saw that the day of his death drew nigh, he called his son Joseph, and said to him: If I have found favour in thy sight, put thy hand under my thigh; and thou shalt shew me this kindness and truth, not to bury me in Egypt.cumque adpropinquare cerneret mortis diem vocavit filium suum Ioseph et dixit ad eum si inveni gratiam in conspectu tuo pone manum sub femore meo et facies mihi misericordiam et veritatem ut non sepelias me in Aegypto
4730But I will sleep with my fathers, and thou shalt take me away out of this land, and bury me in the burying place of my ancestors. And Joseph answered him: I will do what thou hast commanded.sed dormiam cum patribus meis et auferas me de hac terra condasque in sepulchro maiorum cui respondit Ioseph ego faciam quod iussisti
4731And he said: Swear then to me. And as he was swearing, Israel adored God, turning to the bed's head.et ille iura ergo inquit mihi quo iurante adoravit Israhel Deum conversus ad lectuli caput
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