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It is better to have none than many wicked children. Of the justice and mercy of God. His ways are unsearchable.

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161Rejoice not in ungodly children, if they be multiplied: neither be delighted in them, if the fear of God be not with them.et ne iucunderis in filiis impiis si multiplicentur non oblecteris super ipsos si non est timor Dei cum illis
162Trust not to their life, and respect not their labours.non credas vitae illorum et ne respexeris in labores illorum
163For better is one that feareth God, than a thousand ungodly children.melior est enim unus timens Deum quam mille filii impii
164And it is better to die without children, than to leave ungodly children.et utile mori sine filiis quam relinquere filios impios
165By one that is wise a country shall be inhabited, the tribe of the ungodly shall become desolate.ab uno sensato inhabitabitur patria et a tribus impiis deseretur
166Many such things hath my eyes seen, and greater things than these my ear hath heard.multa talia vidit oculus meus et fortiora horum audivit auris mea
167In the congregation of sinners a fire shall be kindled, and in an unbelieving nation wrath shall flame out.in synagoga peccantium exardebit ignis et in gente incredibili exardescit ira
168The ancient giants did not obtain pardon for their sins, who were destroyed trusting to their own strength:non exoraverunt pro peccatis suis antiquis gigantibus qui destruxerunt confidentes suae virtuti
169And he spared not the place where Lot sojourned, but abhorred them for the pride of their word.et non pepercit peregrinationi illorum et execratus est illos prae superbia verbi illorum
1610He had not pity on them, destroying the whole nation that extolled themselves in their sins.non misertus est illis gentem totam perdens et extollentes se in suis peccatis
1611So did he with the six hundred thousand footmen, who were gathered together in the hardness of their heart: and if one had been stiffnecked, it is a wonder if he had escaped unpunished:et sicut sescenta milia peditum qui congregati sunt in duritia cordis sui et si unus fuisset cervicatus mirum si fuisset inmunis
1612For mercy and wrath are with him. He is mighty to forgive, and to pour out indignation:misericordia enim et ira est cum illo potens exoratio et effundens iram
1613According as his mercy is, so his correction judgeth a man according to his works.secundum misericordiam suam sic correptio illius hominem secundum operam suam iudicat
1614The sinner shall not escape in his rapines, and the patience of him that sheweth mercy shall not be put off.non effugiet in rapinam peccator et non retardabit sufferentia misericordiam facientis
1615All mercy shall make a place for every man according to the merit of his works, and according to the wisdom of his sojournment.omnis misericordia faciet locum unicuique secundum meritum operum suorum et secundum intellectum peregrinationis ipsius
1616Say not: I shall be hidden from God, and who shall remember me from on high?non dicas a Deo abscondar et ex summo quis mei memorabitur
1617In such a multitude I shall not be known: for what is my soul in such an immense creation?in populo magno non agnoscar quae est enim anima mea in tam inmensa creatura
1618Behold the heaven, and the heavens of heavens, the deep, and all the earth, and the things that are in them, shall be moved in his sight,ecce caelum et caeli caelorum abyssus et universa terra et quae in eis sunt in conspectu illius commovebuntur
1619The mountains also, and the hills, and the foundations of the earth: when God shall look upon them, they shall be shaken with trembling.montes simul et colles et fundamenta terrae et cum conspexerit illa Deus tremore concutientur
1620And in all these things the heart is senseless: and every heart is understood by him.et omne cor intellegetur
1621And his ways who shall understand, and the storm, which no eye of man shall see?et vias illius quis intellegit et procella quam nec oculus videbit hominis
1622For many of his works are hidden, but the works of his justice who shall declare? or who shall endure? for the testament is far from some, and the examination of all is in the end.nam plurima opera illius sunt in absconsis opera iustitiae quis enuntiabit aut quis sustinebit longe enim est testamentum a quibusdam et interrogatio omnium in consummatione est
1623He that wanteth understanding thinketh vain things, and the foolish, and erring man, thinketh foolish things.qui minoratur corde cogitat inania et vir inprudens et errans cogitat stulta
1624Hearken to me, my son, and learn the discipline of understanding, and attend to my words in thy heart.audi me fili et disce disciplinam sensus et in verbis meis adtende in corde
1625And I will shew forth good doctrine in equity, and will seek to declare wisdom: and attend to my words in thy heart, whilst with equity of spirit I tell thee the virtues that God hath put upon his works from the beginning, and I shew forth in truth his knowledge.edicam in aequitate disciplinam et scrutabor enarrare sapientiam et in verbis meis adtende in corde tuo et dico in aequitate spiritus virtutes quas posuit Deus in opera sua ab initio et in veritate enuntio scientiam eius
1626The works of God are done in judgment from the beginning, and from the making of them he distinguished their parts, and their beginnings in their generations.in iudicio Dei opera ipsius ab initio et ab institutione ipsorum distinxit partes illorum et initia ipsorum in gentibus suis
1627He beautified their works for ever, they have neither hungered, nor laboured, and they have not ceased from their works.ornavit in aeternum opera illorum nec esurierunt nec laboraverunt et non destiterunt ab operibus suis
1628Nor shall any of them straiten his neighbour at any time.unusquisque proximum sibi non angustiavit usque in aevum
1629Be not thou incredulous to his word.non incredibiles verbo illius
1630After this God looked upon the earth, and filled it with his goods.post haec Deus in terram respexit et implevit illam bonis suis
1631The soul of every living thing hath shewn forth before the face thereof, and into it they return again.anima omnis vitalis denudavit ante faciem ipsius et ipsa iterum reversio illorum
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51



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