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Of the choice of friends and counsellors.

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371Every friend will say: I also am his friend: but there is a friend, that is only a friend in name. Is not this a grief even to death?omnis amicus dicet et ego amicitiam copulavi sed est amicus solo nomine amicus nonne tristitia inest usque ad mortem
372But a companion and a friend shall be turned to an enemy.sodalis autem et amicus ad inimicitiam convertentur
373O wicked presumption, whence camest thou to cover the earth with thy malice, and deceitfulness?o praesumptio nequissima unde creata es cooperire aridam malitiam et dolositatem illius
374There is a companion who rejoiceth with his friend in his joys, but in the time of trouble, he will be against him.sodalis amico coniucundatur in oblectatione et in tempore tribulationis adversarius erit
375There is a companion who condoleth with his friend for his belly's sake, and he will take up a shield against the enemy.sodalis amico condolet causa ventris et contra hostem accipiet scutum
376Forget not thy friend in thy mind, and be not unmindful of him in thy riches.non obliviscaris amici tui in animo tuo et non inmemor sis illius in operibus tuis
377Consult not with him that layeth a snare for thee, and hide thy counsel from them that envy thee.noli consiliari cum socero tuo et a zelantibus te absconde consilium
378Every counsellor giveth out counsel, but there is one that is a counsellor for himself.omnis consiliarius prodit consilium sed est consiliarius in semet ipso
379Beware of a counsellor. And know before what need he hath: for he will devise to his own mind:a consiliario serva animam tuam prius scito quae sit illius necessitas et ipse enim animo suo cogitabit
3710Lest he thrust a stake into the ground, and say to thee:ne forte mittat sudem in terram et dicat tibi
3711Thy way is good; and then stand on the other side to see what shall befall thee.bona est via tua et stet e contrario videre quid tibi eveniat
3712Treat not with a man without religion concerning holiness, nor with an unjust man concerning justice, nor with a woman touching her of whom she is jealous, nor with a coward concerning war, nor with a merchant about traffic, nor with a buyer of selling, nor with an envious man of giving thanks,cum viro inreligioso tracta de sanctitate et cum iniusto de iustitia et cum muliere de ea quae aemulatur cum timido de bello cum negotiatore de traiecticio cum emptore de venditione cum viro livido de gratiis agendis
3713Nor with the ungodly of piety, nor with the dishonest of honesty, nor with the field laborer of every work,cum impio de pietate cum inhonesto de honestate cum operario agri de omni opere
3714Nor with him that worketh by the year of the finishing of the year, nor with an idle servant of much business: give no heed to these in any matter of counsel.cum operario annuali de consummatione anni cum servo pigro de multa operatione non adtendas his in omni consilio
3715But be continually with a holy man, whomsoever thou shalt know to observe the fear of God,cum viro sancto adsiduus esto quemcumque cognoveris observantem timorem Dei
3716Whose soul is according to thy own soul: and who, when thou shalt stumble in the dark, will be sorry for thee.cuius anima est secundum animam tuam quicumque titubaverit in tenebris non condolebit tibi
3717And establish within thyself a heart of good counsel: for there is no other thing of more worth to thee than it.et cor boni consilii statue non est enim tibi aliud pluris illo
3718The soul of a holy man discovereth sometimes true things, more than seven watchmen that sit in a high place to watch.anima viri sancti enuntiat aliquando vera quam septem circumspectores sedentes ad speculandum
3719But above all these things pray to the most High, that he may direct thy way in truth.et in his omnibus deprecare Altissimum ut dirigat in veritate viam tuam
3720In all thy works let the true word go before thee, and steady counsel before every action.ante omnem operam verbum verax praecedat te et ante omnem actum consilium stabile
3721A wicked word shall change the heart: out of which four manner of things arise, good and evil, life and death: and the tongue is continually the ruler of them. There is a man that is subtle and a teacher of many, and yet is unprofitable to his own soul.verbum nequa inmutabit cor quattuor partes oriuntur bonum et malum vita et mors et dominatrix illorum est adsidua lingua
3722A skilful man hath taught many, and is sweet to his own soul.vir peritus multos erudivit et animae suae suavis est
3723He that speaketh sophistically, is hateful: he shall be destitute of every thing.qui sofistice loquitur odibilis est omni re defraudabitur
3724Grace is not given him from the Lord: for he is deprived of all wisdom.non est enim data illi a Domino gratia omni enim sapientia defraudatus est
3725There is a wise man that is wise to his own soul: and the fruit of his understanding is commendable.est sapiens animae suae sapiens et fructus sensus illius laudabilis
3726A wise man instructeth his own people, and the fruits of his understanding are faithful.vir sapiens plebem suam erudit et fructus sensus eius fideles sunt
3727A wise man shall be filled with blessings, and they that see shall praise him.vir sapiens implebitur benedictione et videntes illum laudabunt
3728The life of a man is in the number of his days: but the days of Israel are innumerable.vita viri in numero dierum dies autem Israhel innumerabiles sunt
3729A wise man shall inherit honour among his people, and his name shall live for ever.sapiens in populo hereditabit honorem et nomen illius erit vivens in aeternum
3730My son, prove thy soul in thy life: and if it be wicked, give it no power:fili in vita tua tempta animam tuam et si fuerit nequam non des illi potestatem
3731For all things are not expedient for all, and every kind pleaseth not every soul.non enim omnia omnibus expediunt et non omni animae omne genus placet
3732Be not greedy in any feasting, and pour not out thyself upon any meat:noli avidus esse in omni epulatione et non te effundas super omnem escam
3733For in many meats there will be sickness, and greediness will turn to choler.in multis enim escis erit infirmitas et aplestia adpropinquabit usque ad cholera
3734By surfeiting many have perished, but he that is temperate, shall prolong life.propter aplestiam multi obierunt qui autem abstinens est adiciet vitam
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51



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