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The silver trumpets and their use. They march from Sinai.

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101And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:locutus est Dominus ad Mosen dicens
102Make thee two trumpets of beaten silver, wherewith thou mayest call together the multitude when the camp is to be removed.fac tibi duas tubas argenteas ductiles quibus convocare possis multitudinem quando movenda sunt castra
103And when thou shalt sound the trumpets, all the multitude shall gather unto thee to the door of the tabernacle of the covenant.cumque increpueris tubis congregabitur ad te omnis turba ad ostium foederis tabernaculi
104If thou sound but once, the princes and the heads of the multitude of Israel shall come to thee.si semel clangueris venient ad te principes et capita multitudinis Israhel
105But if the sound of the trumpets be longer, and with interruptions, they that are on the east side, shall first go forward.sin autem prolixior atque concisus clangor increpuerit movebunt castra primi qui sunt ad orientalem plagam
106And at the second sounding and like noise of the trumpet, they who lie on the south side shall take up their tents. And after this manner shall the rest do, when the trumpets shall sound for a march.in secundo autem sonitu et pari ululatu tubae levabunt tentoria qui habitant ad meridiem et iuxta hunc modum reliqui facient ululantibus tubis in profectione
107But when the people is to be gathered together, the sound of the trumpets shall be plain, and they shall not make a broken sound.quando autem congregandus est populus simplex tubarum clangor erit et non concise ululabunt
108And the sons of Aaron the priest shall sound the trumpets: and this shall be an ordinance for ever in your generations.filii Aaron sacerdotes clangent tubis eritque hoc legitimum sempiternum in generationibus vestris
109If you go forth to war out of your land against the enemies that fight against you, you shall sound aloud with the trumpets, and there shall be a remembrance of you before the Lord your God, that you may be delivered out of the hands of your enemies.si exieritis ad bellum de terra vestra contra hostes qui dimicant adversum vos clangetis ululantibus tubis et erit recordatio vestri coram Domino Deo vestro ut eruamini de manibus inimicorum vestrorum
1010If at any time you shall have a banquet, and on your festival days, and on the first days of your months, you shall sound the trumpets over the holocausts, and the sacrifices of peace offerings, that they may be to you for a remembrance of your God. I am the Lord your God.si quando habebitis epulum et dies festos et kalendas canetis tubis super holocaustis et pacificis victimis ut sint vobis in recordationem Dei vestri ego Dominus Deus vester
1011The second year, in the second month, the twentieth day of the month, the cloud was taken up from the tabernacle of the covenant.anno secundo mense secundo vicesima die mensis elevata est nubes de tabernaculo foederis
1012And the children of Israel marched by their troops from the desert of Sinai, and the cloud rested in the wilderness of Pharan.profectique sunt filii Israhel per turmas suas de deserto Sinai et recubuit nubes in solitudine Pharan
1013And the first went forward according to the commandment of the Lord by the hand of Moses.moveruntque castra primi iuxta imperium Domini in manu Mosi
1014The sons of Juda by their troops: whose prince was Nahasson the son of Aminadab.filii Iuda per turmas suas quorum princeps erat Naasson filius Aminadab
1015In the tribe of the sons of Issachar, the prince was Nathanael the son of Suar.in tribu filiorum Isachar fuit princeps Nathanahel filius Suar
1016In the tribe of Zabulon, the prince was Eliab the son of Helon.in tribu Zabulon erat princeps Heliab filius Helon
1017And the tabernacle was taken down, and the sons of Gerson and Merari set forward, bearing it.depositumque est tabernaculum quod portantes egressi sunt filii Gerson et Merari
1018And the sons of Ruben also marched, by their troops and ranks, whose prince was Helisur the son of Sedeur.profectique sunt et filii Ruben per turmas et ordinem suum quorum princeps erat Helisur filius Sedeur
1019And in the tribe of Simeon, the prince was Salamiel the son of Surisaddai.in tribu autem filiorum Symeon princeps fuit Salamihel filius Surisaddai
1020And in the tribe of Gad, the prince was Eliasaph the son of Duel.porro in tribu Gad erat princeps Heliasaph filius Duhel
1021Then the Caathites also marched carrying the sanctuary. So long was the tabernacle carried, till they came to the place of setting it up.profectique sunt et Caathitae portantes sanctuarium tamdiu tabernaculum portabatur donec venirent ad erectionis locum
1022The sons of Ephraim also moved their camp by their troops, in whose army the prince was Elisama the son of Ammiud.moverunt castra et filii Ephraim per turmas suas in quorum exercitu princeps erat Helisama filius Ammiud
1023And in the tribe of the sons of Manasses, the prince was Gamaliel the son of Phadassur.in tribu autem filiorum Manasse princeps fuit Gamalihel filius Phadassur
1024And in the tribe of Benjamin, the prince was Abidan the son of Gedeon.et in tribu Beniamin dux Abidan filius Gedeonis
1025The last of all the camp marched the sons of Dan by their troops, in whose army the prince was Ahiezer the son of Ammisaddai.novissimi castrorum omnium profecti sunt filii Dan per turmas suas in quorum exercitu princeps fuit Ahiezer filius Amisaddai
1026And in the tribe of the sons of Aser, the prince was Phegiel the son of Ochran.in tribu autem filiorum Aser erat princeps Phagaihel filius Ochran
1027And in the tribe of the sons of Nephtali, the prince was Ahira the son of Enan.et in tribu filiorum Nepthalim princeps Achira filius Henan
1028This was the order of the camps, and marches of the children of Israel by their troops, when they set forward.haec sunt castra et profectiones filiorum Israhel per turmas suas quando egrediebantur
1029And Moses said to Hobab the son of Raguel the Madianite, his kinsman: We are going towards the place which the Lord will give us: come with us, that we may do thee good: for the Lord hath promised good things to Israel.dixitque Moses Hobab filio Rahuhel Madianiti cognato suo proficiscimur ad locum quem Dominus daturus est nobis veni nobiscum ut benefaciamus tibi quia Dominus bona promisit Israheli
1030But he answered him: I will not go with thee, but I will return to my country, wherein I was born.cui ille respondit non vadam tecum sed revertar in terram meam in qua natus sum
1031And he said: Do not leave us: for thou knowest in what places we should encamp in the wilderness, and thou shalt be our guide.et ille noli inquit nos relinquere tu enim nosti in quibus locis per desertum castra ponere debeamus et eris ductor noster
1032And if thou comest with us, we will give thee what is the best of the riches which the Lord shall deliver to us.cumque nobiscum veneris quicquid optimum fuerit ex opibus quas nobis traditurus est Dominus dabimus tibi
1033So they marched from the mount of the Lord three days' journey, and the ark of the covenant of the Lord went before them, for three days providing a place for the camp.profecti sunt ergo de monte Domini via trium dierum arcaque foederis Domini praecedebat eos per dies tres providens castrorum locum
1034The cloud also of the Lord was over them by day when they marched.nubes quoque Domini super eos erat per diem cum incederent
1035And when the ark was lifted up, Moses said: Arise, O Lord, and let thy enemies be scattered, and let them that hate thee, flee from before thy face.cumque elevaretur arca dicebat Moses surge Domine et dissipentur inimici tui et fugiant qui oderunt te a facie tua
1036And when it was set down, he said: Return, O Lord, to the multitude of the host of Israel.cum autem deponeretur aiebat revertere Domine ad multitudinem exercitus Israhel
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