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The seven lamps are placed on the golden candlestick, to shine towards the loaves of proposition: the ordination of the Levites: and to what age they shall serve in the tabernacle.

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81And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:locutus est Dominus ad Mosen dicens
82Speak to Aaron, and thou shalt say to him: When thou shalt place the seven lamps, let the candlestick be set up on the south side. Give orders therefore that the lamps look over against the north, towards the table of the loaves of proposition, over against that part shall they give light, towards which the candlestick looketh.loquere Aaroni et dices ad eum cum posueris septem lucernas contra eam partem quam candelabrum respicit lucere debebunt
83And Aaron did so, and he put the lamps upon the candlestick, as the Lord had commanded Moses.fecitque Aaron et inposuit lucernas super candelabrum ut praeceperat Dominus Mosi
84Now this was the work of the candlestick, it was of beaten gold, both the shaft in the middle, and all that came out of both sides of the branches: according to the pattern which the Lord had shewn to Moses, so he made the candlestick.haec autem erat factura candelabri ex auro ductili tam medius stipes quam cuncta ex utroque calamorum latera nascebantur iuxta exemplum quod ostendit Dominus Mosi ita operatus est candelabrum
85And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:et locutus est Dominus ad Mosen dicens
86Take the Levites out of the midst of the children of Israel, and thou shalt purify them,tolle Levitas de medio filiorum Israhel et purificabis eos
87According to this rite: Let them be sprinkled with the water of purification, and let them shave all the hairs of their flesh. And when they shall have washed their garments, and are cleansed,iuxta hunc ritum aspergantur aqua lustrationis et radant omnes pilos carnis suae cumque laverint vestimenta sua et mundati fuerint
88They shall take an ox of the herd, and for the offering thereof fine flour tempered with oil: and thou shalt take another ox of the herd for a sin offering:tollant bovem de armentis et libamentum eius similam oleo conspersam bovem autem alterum de armento tu accipies pro peccato
89And thou shalt bring the Levites before the tabernacle of the covenant, calling together all the multitude of the children of Israel:et adplicabis Levitas coram tabernaculo foederis convocata omni multitudine filiorum Israhel
810And when the Levites are before the Lord, the children of Israel shall put their hands upon them:cumque Levitae fuerint coram Domino ponent filii Israhel manus suas super eos
811And Aaron shall offer the Levites, as a gift in the sight of the Lord from the children of Israel, that they may serve in his ministry.et offeret Aaron Levitas munus in conspectu Domini a filiis Israhel ut serviant in ministerio eius
812The Levites also shall put their hands upon the heads of the oxen, of which thou shalt sacrifice one for sin, and the other for a holocaust to the Lord, to pray for them.Levitae quoque ponent manus suas super capita boum e quibus unum facies pro peccato et alterum in holocaustum Domini ut depreceris pro eis
813And thou shalt set the Levites in the sight of Aaron and of his, and shalt consecrate them being offered to the Lord,statuesque Levitas in conspectu Aaron et filiorum eius et consecrabis oblatos Domino
814And shalt separate them from the midst of the children of Israel, to be mine.ac separabis de medio filiorum Israhel ut sint mei
815And afterwards they shall enter into the tabernacle of the covenant, to serve me. And thus shalt thou purify and consecrate them for an oblation of the Lord: for as a gift they were given me by the children of Israel.et postea ingrediantur tabernaculum foederis ut serviant mihi sicque purificabis et consecrabis eos in oblationem Domini quoniam dono donati sunt mihi a filiis Israhel
816I have taken them instead of the firstborn that open every womb in Israel,pro primogenitis quae aperiunt omnem vulvam in Israhel accepi eos
817For all the firstborn of the children of Israel, both of men and of beasts, are mine. From the day that I slew every firstborn in the land of Egypt, have I sanctified them to myself:mea sunt omnia primogenita filiorum Israhel tam ex hominibus quam ex iumentis ex die quo percussi omnem primogenitum in terra Aegypti sanctificavi eos mihi
818And I have taken the Levites for all the firstborn of the children of Israel:et tuli Levitas pro cunctis primogenitis filiorum Israhel
819And have delivered them for a gift to Aaron and his sons out of the midst of the people, to serve me for Israel in the tabernacle of the covenant, and to pray for them, lest there should be a plague among the people, if they should presume to approach unto my sanctuary.tradidique eos dono Aaroni et filiis eius de medio populi ut serviant mihi pro Israhel in tabernaculo foederis et orent pro eis ne sit in populo plaga si ausi fuerint accedere ad sanctuarium
820And Moses and Aaron and all the multitude of the children of Israel did with the Levites all that the Lord had commanded Mosesfeceruntque Moses et Aaron et omnis multitudo filiorum Israhel super Levitas quae praeceperat Dominus Mosi
821And they were purified, and washed their garments. And Aaron lifted them up in the sight of the Lord, and prayed for them,purificatique sunt et laverunt vestimenta sua elevavitque eos Aaron in conspectu Domini et oravit pro eis
822That being purified they might go into the tabernacle of the covenant to do their services before Aaron and his sons. As the Lord had commanded Moses touching the Levites, so was it done.ut purificati ingrederentur ad officia sua in tabernaculum foederis coram Aaron et filiis eius sicut praeceperat Dominus Mosi de Levitis ita factum est
823And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:locutus est Dominus ad Mosen dicens
824This is the law of the Levites: From twenty-five years old and upwards, they shall go in to minister in the tabernacle of the covenant.haec est lex Levitarum a viginti quinque annis et supra ingredientur ut ministrent in tabernaculo foederis
825And when they shall have accomplished the fiftieth year of their age, they shall cease to serve:cumque quinquagesimum annum aetatis impleverint servire cessabunt
826And they shall be the ministers of their brethren in the tabernacle of the covenant, to keep the things that are committed to their care, but not to do the works. Thus shalt thou order the Levites touching their charge.eruntque ministri fratrum suorum in tabernaculo foederis ut custodiant quae sibi fuerint commendata opera autem ipsa non faciant sic dispones Levitas in custodiis suis
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