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The death of Mary the sister of Moses. The people murmur for want of water: God giveth it them from the rock. The death of Aaron.

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201And the children of Israel, and all the multitude came into the desert of Sin, in the first month: and the people abode in Cades. And Mary died there, and was buried in the same place.veneruntque filii Israhel et omnis multitudo in desertum Sin mense primo et mansit populus in Cades mortuaque est ibi Maria et sepulta in eodem loco
202And the people wanting water, came together against Moses and Aaron:cumque indigeret aqua populus coierunt adversum Mosen et Aaron
203And making a sedition, they said: Would God we had perished among our brethren before the Lord.et versi in seditionem dixerunt utinam perissemus inter fratres nostros coram Domino
204Why have you brought out the church of the Lord into the wilderness, that both we and our cattle should die?cur eduxistis ecclesiam Domini in solitudinem ut et nos et nostra iumenta moriantur
205Why have you made us come up out of Egypt, and have brought us into this wretched place which cannot be sowed, nor bringeth forth figs, nor vines, nor pomegranates, neither is there any water to drink?quare nos fecistis ascendere de Aegypto et adduxistis in locum istum pessimum qui seri non potest qui nec ficum gignit nec vineas nec mala granata insuper et aquam non habet ad bibendum
206And Moses and Aaron leaving the multitude, went into the tabernacle of the covenant, and fell flat upon the ground, and cried to the Lord, and said. O Lord God, hear the cry of this people, and open to them thy treasure, a fountain of living water, that being satisfied, they may cease to murmur. And the glory of the Lord appeared over them.ingressusque Moses et Aaron dimissa multitudine tabernaculum foederis corruerunt proni in terram et apparuit gloria Domini super eos
207And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:locutusque est Dominus ad Mosen dicens
208Take the rod, and assemble the people together, thou and Aaron thy brother, and speak to the rock before them, and it shall yield waters. And when thou hast brought forth water out of the rock, all the multitude and their cattle shall drink.tolle virgam et congrega populum tu et Aaron frater tuus et loquimini ad petram coram eis et illa dabit aquas cumque eduxeris aquam de petra bibet omnis multitudo et iumenta eius
209Moses therefore took the rod, which was before the Lord, as he had commanded him,tulit igitur Moses virgam quae erat in conspectu Domini sicut praeceperat ei
2010And having gathered together the multitude before the rock, he said to them: Hear, ye rebellious and incredulous: Can we bring you forth water out of this rock?congregata multitudine ante petram dixitque eis audite rebelles et increduli num de petra hac vobis aquam poterimus eicere
2011And when Moses bad lifted up his hand, and struck the rock twice with the rod, there came forth water in great abundance, so that the people and their cattle drank,cumque elevasset Moses manum percutiens virga bis silicem egressae sunt aquae largissimae ita ut et populus biberet et iumenta
2012And the Lord said to Moses and Aaron: Because you have not believed me, to sanctify me before the children of Israel, you shall not bring these people into the land, which I will give them.dixitque Dominus ad Mosen et Aaron quia non credidistis mihi ut sanctificaretis me coram filiis Israhel non introducetis hos populos in terram quam dabo eis
2013This is the Water of contradiction, where the children of Israel strove with words against the Lord, and he was sanctified in them.haec est aqua Contradictionis ubi iurgati sunt filii Israhel contra Dominum et sanctificatus est in eis
2014In the mean time Moses sent messengers from Cades to the king of Edom, to say: Thus saith thy brother Israel: Thou knowest all the labour that hath come upon us:misit interea nuntios Moses de Cades ad regem Edom qui dicerent haec mandat frater tuus Israhel nosti omnem laborem qui adprehendit nos
2015In what manner our fathers went down into Egypt, and there we dwelt a long time, and the Egyptians afflicted us and our fathers.quomodo descenderint patres nostri in Aegyptum et habitaverimus ibi multo tempore adflixerintque nos Aegyptii et patres nostros
2016And how we cried to the Lord, and he heard us, and sent an angel, who hath brought us out of Egypt. Lo, we are now in the city of Cades, which is in the uttermost of thy borders,et quomodo clamaverimus ad Dominum et exaudierit nos miseritque angelum qui eduxerit nos de Aegypto ecce in urbe Cades quae est in extremis finibus tuis positi
2017And we beseech thee that we may have leave to pass through thy country. We will not go through the fields, nor through the vineyards, we will not drink the waters of thy wells, but we will go by the common highway, neither turning aside to the right hand, nor to the left, till we are past thy borders.obsecramus ut nobis transire liceat per terram tuam non ibimus per agros nec per vineas non bibemus aquas de puteis tuis sed gradiemur via publica nec ad dextram nec ad sinistram declinantes donec transeamus terminos tuos
2018And Edom answered them: Thou shalt not pass by me: if thou dost I will come out armed against thee.cui respondit Edom non transibis per me alioquin armatus occurram tibi
2019And the children of Israel said: We will go by the beaten way: and if we and our cattle drink of thy waters, we will give thee what is just: there shall be no difficulty in the price, only let us pass speedily.dixeruntque filii Israhel per tritam gradiemur viam et si biberimus aquas tuas nos et pecora nostra dabimus quod iustum est nulla erit in pretio difficultas tantum velociter transeamus
2020But he answered: Thou shalt not pass. And immediately he came forth to meet them with an infinite multitude, and a strong hand,at ille respondit non transibis statimque egressus est obvius cum infinita multitudine et manu forti
2021Neither would he condescend to their desire to grant them passage through his borders. Wherefore Israel turned another way from him.nec voluit adquiescere deprecanti ut concederet transitum per fines suos quam ob rem devertit ab eo Israhel
2022And when they had removed the camp from Cades, they came to mount Hor, which is in the borders of the land of Edom:cumque castra movissent de Cades venerunt in montem Or qui est in finibus terrae Edom
2023Where the Lord spoke to Moses:ubi locutus est Dominus ad Mosen
2024Let Aaron, saith he, go to his people: for he shall not go into the land which I have given the children of Israel, because he was incredulous to my words, at the waters of contradiction.pergat inquit Aaron ad populos suos non enim intrabit terram quam dedi filiis Israhel eo quod incredulus fuerit ori meo ad aquas Contradictionis
2025Take Aaron and his son with him, and bring them up into mount Hor:tolle Aaron et filium eius cum eo et duces eos in montem Or
2026And when thou hast stripped the father of his vesture, thou shalt vest therewith Eleazar his son: Aaron shall be gathered to his people, and die there.cumque nudaveris patrem veste sua indues ea Eleazarum filium eius et Aaron colligetur et morietur ibi
2027Moses did as the Lord had commanded: and they went up into mount Hor before all the multitude.fecit Moses ut praeceperat Dominus et ascenderunt in montem Or coram omni multitudine
2028And when he had stripped Aaron of his vestments, he vested Eleazar his son with them.cumque Aaron spoliasset vestibus suis induit eis Eleazarum filium eius
2029And Aaron being dead in the top of the mountain, he came down with Eleazar.illo mortuo in montis supercilio descendit cum Eleazaro
2030And all the multitude seeing that Aaron was dead, mourned for him thirty days throughout all their families.omnis autem multitudo videns occubuisse Aaron flevit super eo triginta diebus per cunctas familias suas
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