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The tribes of Ruben and Gad, and half of the tribe of Manasses, receive their inheritance on the east side of Jordan, upon conditions approved of by Moses.

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321And the sons of Ruben and Gad had many flocks of cattle, and their substance in beasts was infinite. And when they saw the lands of Jazer and Galaad fit for feeding cattle,filii autem Ruben et Gad habebant pecora multa et erat illis in iumentis infinita substantia cumque vidissent Iazer et Galaad aptas alendis animalibus
322They came to Moses and Eleazar the priest, and the princes of the multitude, and said:venerunt ad Mosen et ad Eleazarum sacerdotem et principes multitudinis atque dixerunt
323Ataroth, and Dibon, and Jazer, and Nemra, Hesebon, and Eleale, and Saban, and Nebo, and Beon,Atharoth et Dibon et Iazer et Nemra Esbon et Eleale et Sabam et Nebo et Beon
324The land, which the Lord hath conquered in the sight of the children of Israel, is a very fertile soil for the feeding of beasts: and we thy servants have very much cattle:terram quam percussit Dominus in conspectu filiorum Israhel regionis uberrimae est ad pastum animalium et nos servi tui habemus iumenta plurima
325And we pray thee, if we have found favour in thy sight, that thou give it to us thy servants in possession, and make us not pass over the Jordan.precamurque si invenimus gratiam coram te ut des nobis famulis tuis eam in possessionem ne facias nos transire Iordanem
326And Moses answered them: What, shall your brethren go to fight, and will you sit here?quibus respondit Moses numquid fratres vestri ibunt ad pugnam et vos hic sedebitis
327Why do ye overturn the minds of the children of Israel, that they may not dare to pass into the place which the Lord hath given them?cur subvertitis mentes filiorum Israhel ne transire audeant in locum quem eis daturus est Dominus
328Was it not thus your fathers did, when I sent from Cadesbarne to view the land?nonne ita egerunt patres vestri quando misi de Cadesbarne ad explorandam terram
329And when they were come as far as the valley of the cluster, having viewed all the country, they overturned the hearts of the children of Israel, that they should not enter into the coasts, which the Lord gave them.cumque venissent usque ad vallem Botri lustrata omni regione subverterunt cor filiorum Israhel ut non intrarent fines quos eis Dominus dedit
3210And he swore in his anger, saying:qui iratus iuravit dicens
3211If these men, that came up out of Egypt, from twenty years old and upward, shall see the land, which I promised with an oath to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: because they would not follow me,si videbunt homines isti qui ascenderunt ex Aegypto a viginti annis et supra terram quam sub iuramento pollicitus sum Abraham Isaac et Iacob et noluerunt sequi me
3212Except Caleb the son of Jephone the Cenezite, and Josue the son of Nun: these have fulfilled my will.praeter Chaleb filium Iepphonne Cenezeum et Iosue filium Nun isti impleverunt voluntatem meam
3213And the Lord being angry against Israel, led them about through the desert forty years, until the whole generation, that had done evil in his sight, was consumed.iratusque Dominus adversum Israhel circumduxit eum per desertum quadraginta annis donec consumeretur universa generatio quae fecerat malum in conspectu eius
3214And behold, said he, you are risen up instead of your fathers, the increase and offspring of sinful men, to augment the fury of the Lord against Israel.et ecce inquit vos surrexistis pro patribus vestris incrementa et alumni hominum peccatorum ut augeretis furorem Domini contra Israhel
3215For if you will not follow him, he will leave the people in the wilderness, and you shall be the cause of the destruction of all.qui si nolueritis sequi eum in solitudine populum derelinquet et vos causa eritis necis omnium
3216But they coming near, said: We will make sheepfolds, and stalls for our cattle, and strong cities for our children:at illi prope accedentes dixerunt caulas ovium fabricabimus et stabula iumentorum parvulis quoque nostris urbes munitas
3217And we ourselves will go armed and ready for battle before the children of Israel, until we bring them in unto their places. Our little ones, and all we have, shall be in walled cities, for fear of the ambushes of the inhabitants.nos autem ipsi armati et accincti pergemus ad proelium ante filios Israhel donec introducamus eos ad loca sua parvuli nostri et quicquid habere possumus erunt in urbibus muratis propter habitatorum insidias
3218We will not return into our houses until the children of Israel possess their inheritance:non revertemur in domos nostras usquequo possideant filii Israhel hereditatem suam
3219Neither will we seek any thing beyond the Jordan, because we have already our possession on the east side thereof,nec quicquam quaeremus trans Iordanem quia iam habemus possessionem nostram in orientali eius plaga
3220And Moses said to them: If you do what you promise, go on well appointed for war before the Lord:quibus Moses ait si facitis quod promittitis expediti pergite coram Domino ad pugnam
3221And let every fighting man pass over the Jordan, until the Lord overthrow his enemies:et omnis vir bellator armatus Iordanem transeat donec subvertat Dominus inimicos suos
3222And all the land be brought under him, then shall you be blameless before the Lord and before Israel, and you shall obtain the countries that you desire, before the Lord.et subiciatur ei omnis terra tunc eritis inculpabiles et apud Dominum et apud Israhel et obtinebitis regiones quas vultis coram Domino
3223But if you do not what you say, no man can doubt but you sin against God: and know ye, that your sin shall overtake you.sin autem quod dicitis non feceritis nulli dubium quin peccetis in Dominum et scitote quoniam peccatum vestrum adprehendet vos
3224Build therefore cities for your children, and folds and stalls for your sheep and beasts, and accomplish what you have promised.aedificate ergo urbes parvulis vestris et caulas ac stabula ovibus ac iumentis et quod polliciti estis implete
3225And the children of Gad and Ruben said to Moses: We are thy servants, we will do what my lord commandeth.dixeruntque filii Gad et Ruben ad Mosen servi tui sumus faciemus quod iubet dominus noster
3226We will leave our children, and our wives and sheep and cattle, in the cities of Galaad:parvulos nostros et mulieres et pecora ac iumenta relinquemus in urbibus Galaad
3227And we thy servants all well appointed will march on to the war, as thou, my lord, speakest.nos autem famuli tui omnes expediti pergemus ad bellum sicut tu domine loqueris
3228Moses therefore commanded Eleazar the priest, and Josue the son of Nun, and the princes of the families of all the tribes of Israel, and said to them:praecepit ergo Moses Eleazaro sacerdoti et Iosue filio Nun et principibus familiarum per tribus Israhel et dixit ad eos
3229If the children of Gad, and the children of Ruben pass with you over the Jordan, all armed for war before the Lord, and the land be made subject to you: give them Galaad in possession.si transierint filii Gad et filii Ruben vobiscum Iordanem omnes armati ad bellum coram Domino et vobis fuerit terra subiecta date eis Galaad in possessionem
3230But if they will not pass armed with you into the land of Chanaan, let them receive places to dwell in among you.sin autem noluerint transire vobiscum in terram Chanaan inter vos habitandi accipiant loca
3231And the children of Gad, and the children of Ruben answered: As the Lord hath spoken to his servants, so will we do:responderuntque filii Gad et filii Ruben sicut locutus est Dominus servis suis ita faciemus
3232We will go armed before the Lord into the land of Chanaan, and we confess that we have already received our possession beyond the Jordan.ipsi armati pergemus coram Domino in terram Chanaan et possessionem iam suscepisse nos confitemur trans Iordanem
3233Moses therefore gave to the children of Gad and of Ruben, and to the half tribe of Manasses the son of Joseph, the kingdom of Sehon king of the Amorrhites, and the kingdom of Og king of Basan, and their land and the cities thereof round about.dedit itaque Moses filiis Gad et Ruben et dimidiae tribui Manasse filii Ioseph regnum Seon regis Amorrei et regnum Og regis Basan et terram eorum cum urbibus suis per circuitum
3234And the sons of Gad built Dibon, and Ataroth, and Aroer,igitur extruxerunt filii Gad Dibon et Atharoth et Aroer
3235And Etroth, and Sophan, and Jazer, and Jegbaa,Etrothsophan et Iazer Iecbaa
3236And Bethnemra, and Betharan, fenced cities, and folds for their cattle.et Bethnemra et Betharan urbes munitas et caulas pecoribus suis
3237But the children of Ruben built Hesebon, and Eleale, and Cariathaim,filii vero Ruben aedificaverunt Esbon et Eleale et Cariathaim
3238And Nabo, and Baalmeon (their names being changed) and Sabama: giving names to the cities which they had built.et Nabo et Baalmeon versis nominibus Sabama quoque inponentes vocabula urbibus quas extruxerant
3239Moreover the children of Machir, the son of Manasses, went into Galaad, and wasted it, cutting off the Amorrhites, the inhabitants thereof.porro filii Machir filii Manasse perrexerunt in Galaad et vastaverunt eam interfecto Amorreo habitatore eius
3240And Moses gave the land of Galaad to Machir the son of Manasses, and he dwelt in it.dedit ergo Moses terram Galaad Machir filio Manasse qui habitavit in ea
3241And Jair the son of Manasses went, and took the villages thereof, and he called them Havoth Jair, that is to say, the villages of Jair.Iair autem filius Manasse abiit et occupavit vicos eius quos appellavit Avothiair id est villas Iair
3242Nobe also went, and took Canath with the villages thereof: and he called it by his own name, Nobe.Nobe quoque perrexit et adprehendit Canath cum viculis suis vocavitque eam ex nomine suo Nobe
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